Reasons You Can Be Rejected for Hair Transplant

Reasons You Can Be Rejected for Hair Transplant

    Deciding to get the hair transplant is not an easy decision to make. But, there are some reasons that the patient might get rejected for the hair transplant procedure.

    Hair loss issue is experienced by male and females of different age groups. No doubt, deciding about getting surgery is not an easy decision. Some people get confused about whether they should opt for this treatment or not and how effective will be the results.

    In case, you are making arrangements to get the treatment, arranging the finances, and getting to know everything about the procedure. Getting to know that you are not a suitable candidate for the surgery is quite heartbreaking and frustrating. But, keep in mind that if the surgeon had made this decision then there must be something very important that he/she is not letting you go under the hair transplant surgery. Here we will discuss some points that why you got rejected for the hair transplant treatment.

    The surgeon will do his job effectively

    Choosing the best surgeon means they will first check if you are suitable for this surgery or not. They make sure that you do not get the treatment without proper consultation and examination. Moreover, you will also feel confident that you are getting to know about the surgery and the entire treatment. On the other hand, some surgeons will not find the exact reason and they will recommend the surgery. So, it is essential to know whether surgery is an effective procedure for you or not.

    Unrealistic expectations

    No doubt, the results of this procedure are very effective and permanent. Keep this thing in mind that you need to have realistic expectations. There are some patients who might not get the surgery because they are facing some kind of health-related condition and the hair loss is because of stress. The procedure is helpful for those patients who have been losing hair flow quite some time and it has developed a pattern of baldness. If you are facing the condition of alopecia then the surgeon will not recommend you to undergo this surgery. This is because the results will not be effective and permanent.

    Not have enough Donor Hair

    To have successful treatment, it is essential that you have enough donor hair. This means, your hair should be strong and healthy at the side and back of the head. The surgeon might also consider the color and type of hair to get the benefit of this procedure. But, if not enough hair is there on the scalp and the bald area which needs to be covered is large then you might be rejected for the procedure. The surgeon does not want that you spend too much money and effort but the results are not satisfactory.