Reasons You Should Stay Patient for Hair transplant

Reasons You Should Stay Patient for Hair transplant

    Many people face an indefinite period of restlessness and hopelessness when they start losing their hair. While many people embrace it as one of the signs of advancing age and choose to let things happen, many might not be as comfortable with it. Of course, hair loss is something hard to reckon with, especially since its continuation leads to complete baldness. The youthful image takes a beating due to this problem as a bald head seems to add years to a young face.

    Some people start taking preventive measures as soon as they notice the problem by using cosmetics and hair oils that claim to arrest the activity. Some medications are also available for the same purpose. But they may not give desirable results. Hair transplant is the last resort which the hair loss patients turn to for getting their hair back.

    Patience Is The Name Of The Game.

    That who opt for a hair transplant surgery ought to know  that they have to be patient in order to reap the maximum benefits. We have seen patients expecting their hair to grow the very next day of the transplant. The surgery definitely doesn’t guarantee magic.  One has to have the patience for the results to become evident. One has to wait for some time for the results to show up.

    Why Wait?

    Oral treatment and topical solutions usually take 6 months to show results. For understanding the reason behind this fact, we will have to take a look at the natural life cycle of the hair. As we all know, the hair has three phases in its cycle –Dormant, Resting and Growth. The hair is dormant for some time while it enters the dormant phase and remains so for a period of three to four months. The growth phase follows after this. When the hair enters the growth phase , the hair starts developing gradually.

    The transplanted hair is no different. It also goes through the same phases. A growth cycle of 3 -4 months will be required before any improvement can be seen. So one needs at least a time span of eighteen months for the results of the transplant to show. After eighteen months, you will be able to see full hair growth complete with all perspectives like length,  body, colour, and maturity. You just have to display some patience for receiving the desired results. What will follow is the hair that you desired all along.