Role of Fitness in Hair Loss

Role of Fitness in Hair Loss

    Hair is one of the essential features of both men and women. We all want hair which looks healthy and strong. But this is also true that at some point in our lives we will also face this issue. But have you ever thought that can exercise result in hair loss? Let’s see what role fitness play in hair loss.

    Advantage of Exercise

    First of all, we all know regularly doing exercise is very essential as helps in keeping the body and mind healthy. Many studies have shown that people who are physically fit do not face many health issues or chances to get any harmful disease gets less. It has also been proven beneficial for reducing the risk of diabetes type 2, depression risk is low, breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

    Exercise and Hair

    You might not know that exercise is considered as a type of stress. This is because, when you first start doing it affects your body and different changes are made. But over time, we get to understand its benefit and impact on the health as well as we get used to those changes. Additionally, we feel strong and fit.

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    When the body is put under physical stress it takes some time to adapt itself to those changes. This is where you start noticing one of the issues of hair loss. when you exercise your body is put under pressure and putting too much pressure will affect the hair. As we have said it is a type of stress so it means it is controllable. But f you facing any type of mental stress than it would be better if you limit the number of days of the workout in a week. The hair is affected because too much sweat can make the hair follicles weak which might result in hair fall. In case, if the problem is increasing then you should consult the doctor for hair loss treatment. One of the best ways to effectively restore the hair is by having a hair transplant. This is because its result and hair growth is very natural.

    How Much Should I Exercise?

    As we said, exercise is beneficial but there should be a limit to it so that the hair is not affected. It is best if you exercise at least 150 minutes per week. This can be done in 30 minutes session either in the gym or home. It is better if you consult the doctor as they can guide you better by examining your health condition.