Satyam Hair Transplant’s Guide – Head Shaving before hair transplant

Satyam Hair Transplant’s Guide – Head Shaving before hair transplant

    There may be some people who do not feel comfortable when their heads are shaved. The hair is known to be a highly substantial part of the identity. If someday, a person shaves the hair in the wrong way, then it is the biggest mistake that anyone can ever make in their life. But when it is about hair transplantation, then usually the people are confused about whether the procedure can be undergone without shaving the head or not?


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    Hair Transplantation And Head Shaving

    In this blog post, we are going to clear out all the concerns which the people are having regarding head shaving.

    First of all, it is necessary to know what the whole procedure is all about. In the hair transplantation procedure, the surgeon initially carries out all the extraction processes. The extracted hair is usually transplanted at either the receding hairline or at the top of the head.


    Hair Transplant Cost in Ludhiana surely gets affected by the patient’s choice of getting the head shaved or not.

    Here Comes The Importance Of Shaving!

    Some areas are to be shaved since the smooth removal of the donor follicles is not possible without head shaving.

    But! But! But!

    If modern techniques are being used, then shaving is often not required.

    One Question, Please!

    So many people do want their heads to be shaved before the restorative surgery. Will it produce adverse consequences as far as a successful hair transplant?

    Well! Here is a sigh of relief for you. The answer to this question is NO!

    No doubt, it becomes extremely easy for the doctors to carry out the procedure with the shaved head. But the patient’s comfort is what we consider as our first preference. If the patient does not want his head to be shaved, then there are a couple of other ways as well with the help of which the successful hair transplantation procedure is possible.

    Why Is Hair Required To Be Shaved?

    Since those donor follicles are healthy, the hairs regrow after surgeons remove them to fill in bald patches on the head. If the surgeon shaves an area during FUE, its size depends on the amount of hair being transplanted. The hair left in the recipient area grows so that they can transplant the donor hairs in a way that matches the growth pattern of the existing hairs.

    What Are The Benefits Of Not Shaving The Hair?

    One of the predominant benefits of not shaving the hair lies in the healing process. The recovery and healing process gets sped up. With this, it becomes very easy to stimulate the growth of the natural hair along with the harvested follicles simultaneously.

    You Need To Consult Expert Doctors!

    If the transplantation is to be done at the area where hair has not been shaved, then it requires extra efforts to be done by the doctors. The doctors at our clinic are highly trained and expert in carrying out the procedure in any situation whether the hair is shaved or not shaved.