Scalp Massage and hair regrowth?

Scalp Massage and hair regrowth?

    Scalp massage is the most relaxing thing to ease stress and tension. Moreover, scalp massage also helps in promoting hair growth. But is this really true or just a myth. In this topic we are going to talk about the scalp massage and hair growth so that you can understand it in a better way.

    What is a scalp massage?

    A scalp massage is the same as a massage you get on the body, neck, or back. The scalp massage is done gently and without oil (if you want, you can add it).

    The scalp massage is done with the fingertips. In some cases, people can also use the scalp massaging device to give the pressure of the fingertips.

    Will this help with hair growth?

    • Different studies have concluded that scalp massage can make the hair thick. In the study, there is a 4-minute scalp massage for around 24 weeks. In the study, it was found that men’s hair got thick as compared to it was at the start.
    • In the research, there were around 340 participants who did scalp massage 2 times a day to help with hair loss. It was found that around 69% of the issue was solved with a scalp massage. In case the problem did not solve then you should talk to the doctor regarding the hair loss treatment.
    • With the scalp massage, the hair follicle starts to stimulate as the blood vessels started to dilate which resulted in hair growth.

    In case the hair loss problem is increasing or getting in excess then the doctor can also recommend the option of hair transplant to deal with the problem effectively.

    What is the way to massage the scalp?

    Traditional scalp massage

    • Fingertips of both hands should be used with light to medium pressure on the scalp and move it in a circular motion.
    • Massage the entire scalp area.
    • Try to massage the scalp for 5 minutes at one time.

    Massage while washing hair

    Even you can do the above-mentioned massage while washing the hair. Use shampoo or conditioner and rub it with the fingertips for 5 minutes. After that rinse the hair as you do it normally.

    Massage tools and Brushes

    There are special tools available in the market for scalp massage. Make sure you talk to the doctor to choose the best option for you.

    Scalp massage with essential oils

    For scalp massage, essential oils can be used. Studies have been done on animals with the peppermint Trusted Source oils and lavender Trusted Source to promote hair growth.

    Take Lavender or peppermint oil around 1 to 2 drops along with a carrier oil (one tablespoon) like coconut or jojoba oil.

    Apply this is on the scalp and use fingertips to gently work with oil on the scalp. But make sure to do a patch test to check you are not allergic.