Some Facts about Women Hair Loss

Some Facts about Women Hair Loss

    Hair loss is not only experienced by males but also a problem of a female. There are several reasons behind the hair loss problem in women. That you need to understand the facts first and only then go with any type of hair loss treatment. To understand certain facts about women’s hair loss, you must visit the specialist.

    Yes, it is a fact that men experience hair fall too much than women, but no study shows that women do not experience hair loss. In fact, an investigation shows that almost 65% of women are suffering from female pattern baldness. This is a too stressful condition, that women are going bald. Well, hair is too crucial for women, because it contributes to their beauty.

    Normally, everyone loses almost 50 to 100 hair strands daily, but if you are losing more than 100 strands then this will lead you to alopecia or hair fall. In this case, it is necessary to get the best hair loss treatment, so that you can get rid of alopecia condition easily. You may need to undergo a hair transplant, which is a type of surgical treatment.

    Hair loss has several causes.

    Well, there are several causes of hair fall in women. Also, every cause leads to different hair loss types. Usually, ladies start losing hair due to overage and hormonal changes as well. It starts from gradual thinning to complete hair loss. In addition to this, women also experience hair fall during or after pregnancy too, which can be cured itself after a few months, but if you are consuming a healthy diet.

    Women also experience hair fall due to overstress or certain medical conditions. This includes cancer, hypertension, and thyroid problems also. Ladies who are getting chemotherapy and radiation therapy are at greater risk of going bald.

    Hair loss can be permanent

    This does not mean that you cannot stop losing hair, no it means if you are suffering from pattern baldness, this will surely run in the family. Do not take tension, because there are several types of hair loss, which are temporary and can be treated with medications or medical treatment as well. Hair loss which is caused due to-:

    • Illness
    • Stress
    • Cancer treatment
    • Weight loss
    • Iron deficiency

    Certain type of hair loss can be treated

    As we stated above, there are certain types of hair loss, which can simply treat with medications. However, several types of hair loss need special treatment or surgical procedures to treat the hair fall. You can also treat hair fall with certain lifestyle changes like reducing stress with the help of stress-relief therapies. Some types of hair loss, which need prompt action include-:

    • If you are suffering from sudden hair loss
    • If women have bald patches
    • If your hair is coming out in clumps
    • You are experiencing scalp burning and itchiness too.