Stem Cell Hair Transplantation

Stem Cell Hair Transplantation

    steam cell hair transplant procedure

    Nowadays hair loss is common problem and matter of concern for everyone as it hit your personality and confidence. To solve this problem many procedure have been introduced which are really helpful to get rid of hair loss problem. Hair loss problem can be due to many reasons like chemotherapies, thyroid problem, hormonal changes, and side effects of the medications and even due to emotional and mental stress.

    However whatever is the root cause of hair loss problem it is curable. Hair stem cell therapy is one of the effective procedures for stimulating the hair growth into bald area.

    What is the procedure for hair stem cell transplantation?

    In this therapy patients own blood is used for stimulating the hair growth. The fat is taken from the waist area of the person that contains the dormant stem cells. This fat is centrifuged to separate the stem cells. Even activation solution is added to these cells and then activated solution is washed so that only concentrated stem cells would remain. Now these enriched and concentrated cells are injected into the scalp.

    The injection of cells must be multiplied to the size of bald area that needs to be cover during the treatment. After 2 to 4 weeks hair growth can be noticed from the follicles.

    How it works?

    Into this therapy unlike the hair transplant not entire hair follicle is extracted and transplanted. Only the part of hair follicles and the stem cells it contained is removed to simulate hair growth in both donor and recipient area.

    Human hair grows out from the hair follicles present into the scalp. Inactive or damaged follicles stop working and they stop the hair growth. So under this procedure stem cells are injected into the follicles. The injected stem cells activates the dead or damaged hair follicles which results into the hair growth and help to eradicate the hair loss problem for man and women.

    Advantages of stem cell therapy

    • It is non surgical and result oriented method for hair growth.
    • Results can be seen only within month of the treatment.
    • Can be done with the combination of PRP therapy and hair transplant procedure for effective and life time results.
    • Less expensive than other hair transplant procedures.
    • Suitable for all ages and gender.
    • Does not cause any pain or discomfort even without scars.
    • Lifetime natural and dense hair growth.