Study States Hair loss In Young Women is increasing

Study States Hair loss In Young Women is increasing

    Hair loss in young women in increasing day by day due to many reasons such as  overstyling, hormonal changes, and physical stress.

    Hair loss problem is increasing day by day in young women. A recent study reveals that this is the growing problem of women because of many factors such as hormonal changes and so on. Hormonal changes are the primary reason because fluctuations in hormones can prevent your hair growth which can cause hair thinning and hair fall as well.

    Study Shows The Reasons Behind Hair Loss Condition

    Hormonal Changes

    Hormonal changes are explained as an excessive amount or less amount of hormones in your body. These occur due to stress, less sleep, unhealthy eating regimen, and so on. In this condition, you may experience the excessive growth of male hormones in your body which can lead to female pattern baldness or hair fall.


    It is normal in pregnancy that women encounter hair loss. Which can cure itself after the delivery but sometimes, you need hair loss treatment in order to treat your hair fall problem. Along with treatment, you have to take care of your health as well and you need to consume a healthy diet so that you can get quick results.


    Stress is the main reason behind this hair fall condition in young women. In the condition of stress, the majority of women pull their hair which results in hair thinning and infection as well.

    Moreover, you may encounter this hair fall condition due to physical stress such as accident, trauma, and so on. In order to get rid of this problem you need to go with stress relief therapies, for example, practice yoga postures and meditation.

    Excessive Consumption of Vitamin A

    Excessive consumption of Vitamin A can cause hair to fall in young women. You must consume the only healthy value of vitamin A such as 5000 IU per day. Moreover, you should avoid over-consumption of foods which contain vitamin A.

    Lack of Essential Proteins

    Our hair is made of keratin which is basically a protein. The lack of protein in our body causes many types of problems to include hair loss, hair thinning, scalp infection, and so on.

    Certain Type of Treatments

    Cancer treatment is known as chemotherapy which is additionally harmful to your scalp and hair as well. This treatment does not only harm cancer-growth cells but also kills the healthy cells as well which prevent hair loss. This is only be treated with hair transplant because it gives you better and permanent results.

    Overstyling Your Hair

    This is common in young girls to change hairstyle daily which affects their hair follicles most and causes hair fall. You should avoid making new styles daily or avoid tying your hair too tight because this is responsible for hair breakage.