Techniques For Scars Restoration Created During FUT Strip

Techniques For Scars Restoration Created During FUT Strip

    FUT technique is not easy and can be handled simply by a surgeon with extreme experience. There are primarily three methods by which the same can be performed- by implanting new hair follicles by using FUE procedure, the use of W-plasty technique when the wound is removed and stitched and eventually there is a chance of micropigmnetation.

    Restoring new hairs

    Scars restoration subsequent to FUT method is a complicated procedure that it should be handled only by a expert cosmetic specialist who has the relevant skills.

    Scar restoration by removal of scar and wound stitching

    A scar created by FUT or strip method is excisioned and then proper mobilization of the wound boundaries, the scar s stitched from the deep layers, a procedure that is named as trichophytic closure.

    FUT Strip scars restoration by implanting hairs through FUE procedure

    The restoration of scars created by strip method is performed by planting hair follicles. FUE procedure is a supreme method to restore hairs that provide highly satisfying and natural results. FUE has become a very common procedure because of involving nominal invasion.

    FUE is not just for restoration of FUT scars in fact also for post surgery scars or earlier scars on the scalp particularly when they are limited in size.