Testimonial Of Our Patient who Gets Successfully 3300 Grafts Transplanted

Testimonial Of Our Patient who Gets Successfully 3300 Grafts Transplanted

    Identifying a perfect hair transplant clinic is one of the best things that a patient can ever receive before a hair transplant procedure. Finding a sophisticated hair transplant clinic like Satyam Hair Transplant centre is not a one way. Considering the rising number of hair transplant clinics, one may fall a prey to a despicable hair transplant centre.

    Hair loss to some surgeons and technicians has become a perfect market with only one aim of making profits from it. So, is it a service oriented job or a profit oriented job? This doesn’t mean that surgeons, dermatologists, and technicians have to operate at a loss for one year to another, but have to be considerable and put themselves in the patients’ shoes.

    There is quite a number of hair transplant surgeon’s whether have been affected by hair loss at one point or not and they really have a heartfelt pity or concern for the men and women affected by hair loss, thinning or baldness.

    By the time one goes in for a hair transplant that means that he or she is over the heels with the patches and low self-esteem he has faced for a given number of years. Hair loss occurs differently to each person; to some, it rapidly causes visible patches while to others the process is gradual. There are quite a number of hair loss types some of which we only get familiar with after having a consultation with a surgeon.

    After a good search for a hair transplant centre, I chose to have a hair transplant procedure from Satyam hair transplant centre. The first impression I got was from Dr. K.K. Arora was his awesome nature and calm personality towards the patients. He is quite friendly and thoroughly explains every detail of hair loss to the patient. He is hair surgeon, but he emphasizes various tips to reduce hair loss at home and keep the results after any procedure that is best for the patient.

    The results of the past patients are the visible evidence that any patient must consider before getting a hair transplant. I chose Dr. Arora for a hair transplant because of the admired results I saw from his website and what other hair loss patients told me about him. This helped me make the best decision before my FUE hair transplant.