The Dilemma Within Person To Person Hair Transplants

The Dilemma Within Person To Person Hair Transplants

    The common news you will hear about hair transplants are the natural results and total transformation that we all believe is true. But, there are unveiled hair transplant puzzles that when told to some patients, they may end up devastated. Of course, you will become devastated as long as you badly need a hair transplant.

    The Donor Puzzles

    We are all certain that hair transplant procedures are conducted using individual hair follicles. One of the fundamental considerations or eligibility for a hair transplant is a sufficient donor region which is also stable. With that, the surgeon will take your own hair follicles, normally called the grafts from the back or side of the scalp and implant them in the bald region. These grafts are DHT resistant and won’t suddenly fall out.

    However, for some who badly require a hair transplant, they come up with suggestions of using donated hair. Or some will opt for a hair transplant regardless of the insufficient hair follicles in the donor region. This is why you find some with a poor coverage even after the procedure. Some men won’t mind as long as they don’t showcase an entire bald spot to the public.

    Another issue of using donated hair is still generally prohibited even though organ hair transplants have been conducted for decades. The actual reason as to why scientists disapprove person to person hair transplant still remains a myth.

    This is the clue!

    In 1999, Dr. Colin Jahoda transplanted several hair follicles from his scalp and implanted them in his wife’s (Dr. Amanda Reynolds) arm. This was or is the first hair donation ever conducted. This will make you wonder as to why surgeons can’t transfer hair follicles from one individual to another, but here is what was found.

    Dr. Colin Jahoda never transferred his actual hair, but rather transferred dermal sheath cells. Real hair follicles were extracted from Dr. Colin Jahoda’s scalp, after which dermal sheath cells were retrieved from them under a microscope.

    Should I Expect to Have a Person to Person Hair Transplant in the Near Future?

    The more you learn about modern hair transplants, you will find that several attempts have been conducted in person to person hair transplants. Imagine this; organ hair transplant procedures are possible, although they are also associated with their own risks and complications. However, one’s health is supported by the use of immunosuppressant. Yes, there is no guarantee that the transplant will move a patient out of the risk zone, but these immunosuppressant have managed to help many live for several years. So why not use them when it comes to hair transplants?

    According to some hair transplant surgeons, there is a lot that is still unknown about hair transplants and definitely, about person to person hair transplants which withholds surgeons from doing this. To others, person to person hair transplants are possible, but just like organ transplants, there are incidences of rejection.

    The hair can not only be retrieved from identical twins or family members, but even from other individuals who may choose to donate. However, the body’s total reaction to the donated hair follicles is still unknown since the hair will indeed require a blood supply.