The Donor Incision in Hair Transplant and its Importance

The Donor Incision in Hair Transplant and its Importance

    For the hair transplant every aspect of the surgery must be taken care of so that result for the surgery can be optimised.  While consdering the aspects of the surgery selection of donor area and donor incision os essential to be taken care of as it can affect the results up to great extent.

    What should be the position of donor  incision?

    For the Follicular unit transplant method in which the strip of hair follicles is removed for covering the bald area, adequate selection of the donor area can minimise the wounds , cuts and the after surgery scars.

    For extraction of strip of head bearing skin permanent area of the scalp must be taken as the donor zone means the area in which hair follicles are dense and even loss resistant. Permanent zone of the scalp generally lies in the back head and near to the neck.

    Donor incision should be in the middle of the donor area and ectended on the both sides in the form of band. This band must be start from the right above the small bump in the middle part of donor area in a subtle curve and pointing upwards.

    As if the incision would be taken from any other or below that donor zone than it can lead to the permanent stretching of suture line as sligh below incision can be near to the neck muscles. If the incisoon would be done above that region then it can not be the permanent area so the follicles will  not survive for lifetime.

    The size of strip to be removed depends on the requirement of grafts for covering the bald portion and on the laxity of scalp mean whether the skin of patient is tight or loose for instance if the patient would have great laxity then large strip can be removed with negligible damage to scalp and follicle tissue.

    Hence donor incision is of paramount importance and the natural and permanent results after surgery depends on the selection of donor zone and incision so the surgeon for hair transplant must be talented and experienced in performing surgery while keeping in mind about importance of donor incision.