The Hair Transplant Information Primer – 5 Points you must be aware of

The Hair Transplant Information Primer – 5 Points you must be aware of

    If you are contemplating hair transplant as a permanent solution for hair loss that you must know the following 5 important and basic points

    • Point 1: In the actual transplant procedure hairs that are extracted from back head, only which are DHT resistant means lesser sensitive to hair loss. These healthy and functional hair follicles are transplanted into bald areas efficiently. You must be aware about the technical vocabulary that is used by surgeons
    • Hair density- it is count of hair follicles per square centimeter of scalp.
    • Scalp Laxity- it is measured as the tightness of scalp. If you are having flexible and loose scalp then hair extraction can be done easily as compared to tight scalp
    • Donor Area- it is the area of scalp that is either not sensitive or lesser sensitive to DHT so the hair from this area can be transplanted to bald areas
    • Point 2: Generally it is said that surgical hair restoration is procedure that works for men not for women in most cases it can be due to marked difference between hair loss in males and females. Men suffering from male pattern hair loss have the horseshoe shaped pattern of baldness in the crown area and have sufficient stable donor area that remain unaffected from the bald genes and can be used for transplantation

    On the contrary, women that suffer from the pattern hair loss have general thinning of hair all over the head and their front hair line remains unaffected. All over the scalp women hair can be affected from DHT so it can be difficult to select the donor follicles for transplantation in women.

    • Point 3: Transplantation of curly and coarse hair can be done more successfully as these offer more coverage and if the candidate has fine or straight hair then it can be challenge for the surgeon to restore hair as this kind of hair lies flat and close to scalp so provide the minimum coverage

    Even the high contrast of hair color and skin color can be another challenge for the surgeon as more natural looking hair can be given to patient with dark hair and dark skin. For the patient with light, blonde skin tone surgeon must be qualified and experienced enough to give natural looking hair.

    • Point 4: Generally information that we read about the transplantation is all about the advanced or innovative techniques of transplantation procedure that can give the natural looking hair in less invasive way but in addition to practice of these techniques artistic skills of surgeon matters equally for favorable results after surgery.

    Every patient has different shape of face, head and characteristics of hair and hair line. Only the skilled surgeon can take all these individual characteristics in account while performing the surgery.

    Good surgeon is aware about what and looks natural for particular patient and what cannot please to eye. Hence it is important to check the past results of surgeon and to see photographs of patients before and after surgery so that you can take rational decision by choosing the artistic and experienced surgeon.

    • Point 5: You must be aware about the costs of hair transplant beforehand so that you can get reasonable and only the best treatment. cost of treatment depends on the transplanted grafts, sessions required ,cause and extent of problem and size of area treated, take the closest estimation for cost from the surgeon in initial consultation


    Transplantation of hair is the revolutionary and life changing procedure for you but it must be taken from the right surgeon so collect the required information from the reputed and relevant sources about the transplantation so that you can protect yourself from the misleading claims.