Things You Should know About Female Pattern Hair Loss

Things You Should know About Female Pattern Hair Loss

    Hair loss is becoming a common problem among people of all age group. In the case of female, it is known as female pattern hair loss and it is quite different from men. In this guide, we will let you know certain things about the issue of female pattern hair loss.

    Hair loss problem is becoming very common in both men and women. It is seen that the problem starts in men at an early stage. No doubt, the problem in women starts later but it can also lead to bald spots if the treatment is not started at the right time. The problem can be very distressing and it can affect the self-confidence. Mainly the problem is referred to as female pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia.

    What are the symptoms related to female pattern hair loss?

    The problem of female hair loss pattern is very much different from the male pattern. In the case of women, the problem starts with thin hair which is all over the scalp. Whereas in the case of men, the problem starts with receding hairline which eventually covers the entire scalp slowly and slowly. But, in the case of women, the problem does not lead to complete baldness.

    What are the reasons for female pattern hair loss?

    The most primary factor which contributes to this problem is genes or genetics. It is mostly seen that if your parents suffered from the problem then the child also suffer from the condition.

    Apart from this, there are other factors which can trigger the issue like deficiency of essential vitamins, hormonal changes, pregnancy, age, and childbirth.

    Identifying the problem

    Identifying that you are suffering from the problem is very essential but it is not easy to know on your own. Getting the help of the doctor will let you know what is the exact reason behind the issue and also they will offer the best treatment option according to your problem.

    Getting the treatment

    The most effective treatment option is a hair transplant. Well, there are two ways in which female hair transplant can be done which are FUE and FUT. It does not matter whichever option you choose, the results of both the options are permanent and they also match the hairline. Additionally, the cost of getting hair transplantation is affordable.

    Keep in Mind

    • You need to eat good food which includes loads of green vegetables, fruits, and beans.
    • In addition to this, you should not smoke or drink alcohol.
    • Do not style your hair too often as it will damage them and over time they will become dull & frizzy.

    Look for the experienced and skilled surgeon. If unable to find one then get help from our surgeon for the best treatment plan.