Tips by Dr K K Arora to Get Better Hair Transplant Results

Tips by Dr K K Arora to Get Better Hair Transplant Results

    Hair transplantation is the best treatment option available for treating baldness and hair fall issue. When we select the treatment we want that the results should be best. in this guide, we have mentioned given by our doctor Dr k K Arora which will give you desirable results.

    Every person wants that they should look their best. Hair is one thing which changes the appearance of the person. But, it is also true that many people suffer from the issue of hair loss at a very young age and this is more common in men. In that case, for restoring their self-confidence getting the treatment of hair transplantation is the best choice. If you are going to get hair transplant surgery, here are top tips given by our surgeon Dr k K Arora which will help you get better results.

    • Selecting the top surgeon

    To get the best results it is essential that you should choose the best surgeon. Their skills and experience will make a lot of difference to see the desired results you are looking for. They will make a hairline which will suit your face as every person has different features and hair texture. The surgeon will make sure the hairline is not started too low. This can result in forming patches, which means you need more time and money to fix the issue completely.

    • Things might not be Simple

    It is true that not everything is easy or people can tell you what you want to hear. Keeping the promise given by the doctor is very essential. The hair transplant results last for a long time. During the surgery, donor hair is taken and then transplanted where hair growth is very less. A doctor must be able to prove what they said to you during the consultation.

    • Ask for before and after pictures

    When you visit the doctor ask for before and after pictures of the previous surgery they have done. This way you will get to know what you like and how were the results. If you can notice the difference carefully then it means that you have made the right choice.

    • Ask for the best treatment options

    Before the transplant, the treatment of plugs was used. But the issue was that it did not give natural-looking results. With the advancement in technology, the treatment options are getting better. The method of FUE and FUT are effective. In both the options patients own hair is used which helps in giving the natural and permanent results.

    • Following the doctor’s guidelines

    To see the best results following the before and aftercare instructions is very essential. This will even make the recovery process smooth and fast.