Tips on Dealing With Genetic Hair Loss

Tips on Dealing With Genetic Hair Loss

    One of the reasons for hair loss is genetic. Both men and women deal with this problem. Additionally, the pattern of hair loss in both of them is different. It is essential that you should get the treatment at the right time so that problem is prevented. In this guide, we will tell you the tips which will help you deal with genetic hair loss.

    Hair loss is one of the common issues faced by both men and women. One of the reasons which are very common for this problem is genetic. Genetic hair loss issue affects around 50% of male and around 40% of females.

    Generally, the pattern of hair loss differs in both men and women. In men, the hair loss starts from temples and recedes from the hairline in the shape M. In women, the hair becomes thin from all over the head.

    What is the pattern of genetic hair loss?

    Many factors are there by which the hair loss can determine the thinning of hair from the crown area and the hairline.

    With time the thin hair expands and hair starts receding from the hairline and circular crown is formed. The final result will be the bald scalp and there will be the only strip of hair in the back of the scalp. This is the most common pattern of hair loss which can be followed by many other variations.

    What are the ways in which genetic hair loss can be treated?

    For genetic hair loss, there is no such medication. But, getting the Hair loss treatment at the right time can help to prevent hair loss at an early stage. Here are some methods which help to deal with the issue.

    • Minoxidil

    It is one of the drugs which helps in stimulating the hair growth and prevent the hair from falling out. This need to be rubbed on the scalp. The percentage which you need to apply on the scalp will be recommended by the doctor. Make sure you consult the doctor first and then start using it. This medication takes around 5 to 6 months to show its results.

    • Finasteride

    This is the first medicine which helps in treating the genetic hair loss and it is only prescribed to men. It is not recommended for women because it can cause serious birth defects to your child if you are pregnant. The medication helps in blocking the DHT which result in thinning of hair.

    Is there any surgical method to deal with genetic hair loss?

    The most effective way to deal with genetic hair loss is by hair transplant. The method is very helpful in making the hair grow back again which are permanent also. The hair that grows back is thick and also match the natural hairline. Well, there are two methods FUT and FUE. The surgeon will let you know which method will suit your condition the best.