Tips To Avoid Dry and Flaky Scalp

Tips To Avoid Dry and Flaky Scalp

    Having an itching scalp is quite embarrassing for most of the people, across the globe. It makes the person, quite uncomfortable. Doctors have ruled out some major reasons for itchy scalp. Let’s go through them:

    Sebhorreic Dermatitis:

    Seborrheic dermatitis: dandruff is medically called Seborrheic dermatitis. This might look like a dry scalp, but in reality, this is not the case. It is an oily scalp. The oil present in scalp obstructs dead skin from shedding, which in turn increase in number.


    First of all what you need to do is get yourself an anti-dandruff shampoo. Buy products which have selenium sulfide, zinc, in their ingredient list.

    Many studies also recommend using coconut oil, for comforting the skin.

    Products used on hair and styles which are done on hair

    In case dandruff is not the issue you are facing, then maybe the styling products you use are the main culprit. All the gels, creams, balms, and sprays can form tiny scales, which would in turn cause itching. Many hair products used for hair cause skin rashes.


    In case being allergic to hair products is the main issue, a dermatologist may offer a patch test to be done to find out the ingredients the skin may be reacting to. If that is the case, then move on to another product.

    Switching over to a healthy diet:

    To minimize dry skin or the skin on your scalp, you might need to switch over to a more healthy diet. Let’s see what you can add in your platter:

    Omega 3 fatty acids:

    Which are found in fishes, flax seeds, and many nuts are said to boost the body to help fight off dryness of skin, along with many more things like fatigue, moodiness and poor concentration levels.


    Zinc works great in repairing skin tissues, including scalp skin. Seafood, poultry, nuts, and whole grains are enriched with zinc.

    Vitamin A :

    Carrots, Eggs, Butter, and Red and yellow colored vegetables are fortified with Vitamin A, which help the dry scalp to a great extent.


    In case you do not like to have any of these foods or dishes, then you can surely take supplements of Iron, Zinc and other things. All of this added to your body, will not just cure you of the dry scalp but will also be a boon for those suffering from hair loss.