Tips to Control Hair loss in Children

Tips to Control Hair loss in Children

    Hair transplant is the procedure which will give you the perfect hair growth along with permanent. Hair transplantation has two types of methods such as FUT and FUE, additionally FUT is explained as Follicular Unit Transplantation and FUE is explained as Follicular Unit Extraction.

    Most of the time, patients visit us in order to get hair transplant surgery again due to a previous bad hair transplant. Well, first of all, you need to understand how hair transplantation works.

    How does a hair transplantation procedure work?

    Hair transplantation procedure works by transplanting hair from the donor area to the affected area. In this procedure, your surgeon collects hair from the back of the hair where you have enough hair growth. After this, he will transplant the hair at the affected area.

    Moreover, our transplantation method does not result in scarring because we perform transplantation with FUE method. Which is totally new, recent, and advanced method.

    Well, if you get the conventional hair transplant known as FUT then you will surely experience the scarring. This method is known as Strip harvesting method which leaves a big scar at the donor area.

    What if my hair transplant results in scarring?

    In this situation, you must go with FUE hair transplant method which works with NeoGraft method. This method is specially designed to treat the scar due to previous hair loss treatment such as FUT.

    No doubt, you will also experience the scarring with the new method but that will fade away within the weeks.