Tips To Repair a Bad Hair Transplant

Tips To Repair a Bad Hair Transplant

    It is true that Hair Transplant always gives you the best results, but sometimes, the patient does not get the desired results. In this case, he needs to undergo a second hair transplant or go with certain strategies to repair a bad hair transplant. To get proper knowledge about bad hair transplant, you must read this article.

    With the advancements in science and technology, there are several problems, which can be cured simply. The most common problem is hair fall condition, which is experienced by both men and women. If you are suffering from this condition, then you have to undergo surgical treatment like hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant is one of the best solutions to get rid of hair fall, no matter which type of hair fall do you have.

    Well, this is the best treatment that always results in natural-looking and fuller hair growth. However, sometimes hair transplantation results in bad effects, there are only a few people who suffer from bad hair transplantation. To repair this, you have to visit our clinic, so that you can meet our experienced doctor. He will first examine you and then tell you what to do to repair the bad hair transplantation. These include-:

    • Anger, depression, and distrust
    • Pluggy (too large) grafts
    • Hair wastage
    • Hairline too broad
    • Hairline too far forward
    • Recipient area scarring
    • Hairline askew
    • Ridging
    • Donor area scarring
    • Unrealistic coverage attempts

    In these conditions, you have to talk to a specialist, so that you can repair the bad transplantation. To get proper knowledge, you have to read this article carefully.

    How to repair a bad hair transplant?

    If you are suffering from the effects of a bad hair transplant then, you have to undergo the below-mentioned treatment options. These are-:


    This is the best treatment option for bad hair transplantation. In this technique, improper hair grafts are replaced with smaller follicular units. This is only done so that you can get the best as well as natural hair growth.

    Plug Removal

    In this procedure, unnatural looking hair grafts are removed first, and then these are distributed in single follicular units of hair. After preparing them, your specialist again transfers them to the affected area. If you have small hair grafts at the forehead, then you do not choose the plug removal treatment option.

    Fixing Scars

    Scarring is experienced by those who took FUT hair transplantation. This procedure results in scarring because, in this procedure, your surgeon harvests the strip of hair to transplant in the affected area. In this way, you will surely experience a large visible scar at the donor site. To remove this you have to undergo the FUE method, which is specially designed to get rid of scars.