Vaginoplasty – Laser Vaginal Tightening Non Surgical

Vaginoplasty – Laser Vaginal Tightening Non Surgical

    Changes in the vagina are too tend to age and speed up during or immediate after menopause.  With the decrease in the natural level of oestrogen, female genital tract also start showing effects. These changes affect adversely to the sexual relationships so technologies are introduced even for the treatments of vagina and vulva as there are treatments for eradicating aging effects on face and body. This procedure is called Vaginoplasty or the laser vaginal tightening.

    How Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Works

    During the procedure simple, tiny columns of laser energy are used in multiples that work for the regeneration of the vaginal tissue with the production of collagen. The basic principle of this procedure is same as the laser therapy used for rejuvenating facial skin.

    Before the Laser Vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) treatment patient needs to undergo a normal PAP smear and vaginal exam and it is the non surgical treatment which takes only 10-15 minutes hardly per session. It is so simple procedure that women can go for the treatment in their lunch breaks.

    During the session a swab is inserted into the vagina to ensure that vagina is dry from inside after that laser probe is inserted inside the vagina. This laser probe emits the vibration and warmth but patient does not feel any pain other than the vibration and probe is removed after the 5 minutes then after treatment regeneration of vaginal tissue get started and female can have tighter and stronger vagina thereafter with the better elasticity and hydration.

    Women feel no pain and discomfort during and after procedure and patients can return to their normal routine within same day but asked to avoid any exercise for 24 hours and sexual intercourse for 5 days.

    From the very first session women start feeling the results but actual result come after three sessions with the gap of one month and then female can have long lasting tightened vagina that improves their sex life and pleasure.