Vitiligo in Children: How to Treat It

Vitiligo in Children: How to Treat It

    According to World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 2% of the child population in the world suffers from Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a type of skin pathology that is mostly inherited and completely non-contagious. It mostly occurs in the segmental form, meaning that it only affects one region. Other factors can also trigger the skin disorder such as;

    Autoimmune disease

    Vitamin deficiency

    Endocrine disorders

    A urinary system disease

    Nervous system illnesses among others

    When a child starts developing vitiligo symptoms, it can leave the parent completely perplexed and run in panic, but in case the disorder has ever attacked anyone in the family before, then there is no need to be amazed.

    Vitiligo affects children aged 2 to 17 years and may manifest itself in smaller patches (0.2 to 0.7 cm) and then expand or enlarge with time.

    Symptoms of Vitiligo in children

    The immediate symptom is the change in the skin color, especially in areas exposed to the sun. The color of the patch or patches vary from reddish in African children to whitish and milky in the white people.

    It affects folded regions like the elbows, knees and the groin. It may also affect areas around the eyes, lips, belly button or Torso and the genital area.

    Possible Vitiligo Treatment in Children

    Therapy is mainly the immediate Vitiligo Treatment in India for children. The treatment plan will be generated as per the extent of the skin disorder, but it is recommended that a parent takes instant action by consulting a dermatologist to eliminate vitiligo as soon as possible.

    Diagnostic procedures such as blood tests and an examination will help the skin specialist to devise the best therapy for the child. Different treatment approaches like clinical and home treatments may be used to achieve more results. Clinical treatments may include;

    Corticosteroids, ointments, and Immunodulators are possible drugs to treat vitiligo in children. The medications must be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

    Other treatments include;

    Medicines to regulate the pancreas and others to improve the liver function

    Vitamins and microelements




    Photoprotective creams

    Pigmentation drugs among others

    What to know about Vitiligo treatment in Children

    Certain vitiligo treatments in children are as well used for adult vitiligo, so, caution must be taken to prevent complications and risks that may be caused by the treatments like corticosteroids, lasers, and phototherapy.

    The case of Melanocytes implantation

    This is an advanced vitiligo treatment for adults that couldn’t be advised in case a child is aged 19 and below. The innovative procedure requires a specialist to harvest melanocytes from the healthy part of the skin and implant them in the affected region (white patches).

    With time, the healthy stem cells will recover the natural skin color, eliminating the de-pigmented skin.

    The cost of Vitiligo treatment

    Nonsurgical treatments are considered slightly inexpensive, but the actual Vitiligo Treatment Cost in India for the case of surgical treatments may around RS. 80, 000. The cost is highly determined by the type of treatment plan devised regardless of the age of the patient.