What Amount of Hair loss is Normal in Women?

What Amount of Hair loss is Normal in Women?

    Hair loss is a common condition in both sexes, which can be caused due to many factors. But if you are suffering from excessive hair loss, you need to visit the specialist, in order to get the proper check-up. Or you must read this article carefully in order to get the proper knowledge about hair fall and hair loss treatment as well.

    Everyone loves long and smooth hair, but some person is struggling to have long and healthy hair. They try so many things but they are unable to grow long hair because of some conditions or hair loss as well. It is a common condition in both sexes, that is caused due to many reasons such as hormonal changes, cancer treatment, stress, depression, and medical conditions.

    In this situation, you have to visit the specialist, so that you can get the right hair loss treatment. He may recommend you to go through a hair transplant surgical procedure if he notices excessive hair fall or balding.

    Normal Hair Loss in Women

    Millions of women are suffering from hair fall due to many factors. However, they are wondering to know what is the normal amount of hair loss. If you lose 100 to 200 strands a day, then you are under normal hair fall. In addition to this, this is the same for men also, but if you are losing more than 300 strands, then you are suffering from excessive hair fall. This condition in the female is known as female pattern baldness, due to stress, fluctuation in the hormone, medication reactions, and excessive hairstyles. And if men losing this amount of hair strands, then they are suffering from male pattern baldness. In this condition, you need to go through hair transplant surgery so that you can get rid of hair fall problem.

    Hair fall solutions for Women

    There are so many hair solutions, which will surely give you the best results. But first of all, you must talk to your doctor and examine, which type of hair loss you have and which treatment type is beneficial for it. Hair fall solutions and treatments are-:

    • Minoxidil-: This is the type of solution that is useful to have desired hair growth. You must go with this solution if you have normal hair loss.
    • Surgical procedure-: If you are suffering from excessive hair fall, you must go with a surgical procedure known as hair transplantation procedure.
    • Massage with essential oils-: You must massage your hair or bald area with essential oils such as rosemary, olive, coconut, jasmine, and jojoba oil. These oils are essential for hair growth and prevent hair follicles from falling.
    • Onion juice-: You can also go with onion juice to your bald areas so that you can grow more hair.