What are Different types of Hair Transplant Clinics?

What are Different types of Hair Transplant Clinics?

    Nowadays, men are facing the problem of hair fall in their 20s. The way youngsters are living today, premature baldness is a trend rather than a rarity. This is the reason, people are always in the search for the best hair transplant clinic. If you are in the same quest then this guide will give you brief information.

    Hair fall has become the most troublesome issue among youngsters and adults. Thankfully, to the advanced technology and methods, the issue can be addressed in the right manner. But, the question arises which is the best hair transplant clinic to get the treatment? You might not know but there are 2 prominent types of the clinic to get a hair transplant.

    • One follows the approach of “Golden age” and gives the patient the most satisfying results.
    • Another follows the approach of “New Age” and they are not able to give the same treatment as the golden age clinic.

    Let’s understand this in brief:

    Golden Age Clinic

    This clinic type prospered in the Golden age of hair transplantation treatment. This was the time when the mega session was done with FUT along with a high-quality graft where the follicular grafts were dissected with the microscope. This is the method that is followed today. Due to this, the need to hire, train, and maintain the quality staff was a huge task. Despite the fact, the outcomes of this procedure have not been seen by any other procedure.

    Features of Golden Age Clinic

    • Well-equipped Facility
    • Well-experienced staff.
    • Perform a successful procedure of mega sessions via the FUT method.
    • Desired outcomes are shown with “before and after” picture and video results
    • Expertise in both FUT and FUE methods.

    New Age Clinic

    This type of clinic developed with the occurrence of the hair transplantation robots and machines. The high-tech and modern devices were for doctors who do not spend time and resources to start a golden age clinic. The need for staff, technique, and the facility are removed and the focus is given on standardizing the treatment.

    No doubt, this option attracted many who wanted to give a try to do hair transplantation without putting much effort. However, the results did not meet the desired goals and the patients need to suffer.

    Features of New Age Clinic

    • Treatment is done in a single room in their clinic.
    • No trained staff or they may be called them to do the surgery only.
    • The clinic is not focused on one cosmetic service or surgery.
    • Not able to show the successful record of previous patients.
    • Mostly perform the FUE procedure only.

    The model of the Golden age serves the patient with the best resources because of their experience and trained doctors as well as staff. For a thorough discussion book your appointment with our surgeon today only.