What are some alternative to hair transplant surgery?

What are some alternative to hair transplant surgery?

    Hair loss condition is on the peak, which can only be treated with the help of surgical treatment. However, these days, there are non-surgical treatments also available, which can give you real relief from hair fall. For more information, you must follow this article or visit us once.

    Everyone wants to look too impressive and attractive these days, but this is not so simple and easy due to several health conditions. In which hair fall is on the peak, that happens due to several factors. Usually, hair fall can be cured itself, however, this is not the same for every person, because if you are experiencing baldness, then you need to go through surgical treatment such as hair transplant surgery.

    Hair transplant is the best way to get rid of hair fall condition because this works with people’s hair follicles. This treatment option has two types include FUT and FUE. Both types are valuable to get you the best results according to your hair loss condition. In which FUT is a conventional way to treat your hair fall condition whereas, FUE is the advanced way to get rid of hair loss condition or baldness as well. This treatment option does not result in scarring because your surgeon collects only a single hair from the donor area.

    No doubt, we are too happy to inform you that our clinic is well-known among people for the best hair transplantation procedure. Well, along with this surgical procedure we also offer you many other treatment options, that will give you relief from hair fall condition.

    Let’s have a look at several alternatives for hair transplantation.

    Non-surgical hair fall treatments

    As we stated above, hair transplantation is the best surgical treatment for your hair fall condition. However, there are several non-surgical treatment options also available in our clinic. These treatment options are well-known among people and these are completely safe and least expensive. These include-:

    PRP Therapy-: This PRP therapy is additionally known as Platelet-rich plasma therapy. This is a type of platelet injection that infuses in your affected skin so that you can get rid of hair fall condition.

    Micropigmentation-: This is specially designed for men who are suffering from bald patches or baldness. This is basically a tattoo technique, which is useful to simulate the appearance of hair in males. This is beneficial for those who want to create the illusion of fuller hair growth on their scalp.

    Minoxidil and Finasteride-: These both are medications that are useful to treat hair fall in both men and women as well. In addition to this, you must go with these options because these also will offer you the best results.