What are Some Common Causes of Female Hair loss

What are Some Common Causes of Female Hair loss

    Female hair loss can occur due to many reasons which include mental and physical factors, extreme hairstyles, and so on.

    Everyone loves the long, silky, and shiny hair, but not everyone has healthy hair. Many people reveal that they lose so many hair strands in a day, but they are unable to find the reason behind this condition. Women lose more hair as compared to men, because of some reasons which are explained below.

    Fluctuations in hormones

    This is the main and primary reason behind hair loss in females. Female has two types of hormones called estrogen and progestin, which are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. But some time due to changes in hormones, the majority of female experience low levels of estrogen and progestin which leads to many health problems. Moreover, the excessive hair loss usually occurs due to high levels of male hormones in your body such as testosterone. These fluctuations in hormones can be treated with the help of oral medications.

    Due to overage

    As you age, you experience hair thinning and hair loss as well. This happens due to some changes in hormones and due to certain health conditions. You can also experience baldness in old age due to many health conditions or not proper blood circulation. Because proper blood circulation and oxygen are useful for hair growth and for healthy hair as well.

    Certain health conditions

    Many females are suffering from hair loss problem due to thyroid disorders, pregnancy, anemia, cancer, and so on. In addition to this, you can also experience this condition due to scalp infection and skin problems too. This type of hair loss can only be treated with the help of medical procedure named as female hair transplant.

    Medical treatments

    Women you are undergoing medical treatments are at greater risk of hair loss. Moreover, ladies who are undergoing cancer treatment will surely experience the hair fall. Because chemotherapy not only kills the cancer growth cells but also affects your healthy cells which are useful for hair growth. Only hair transplant gives you the permanent and natural looking results.


    Every lady wants to look adorable and attractive, due to which she changes her hairstyle daily. This overstyling condition can lead you to excessive hair loss and you may also experience dry and frizzy hair. In order to get rid of this condition, you need to follow the doctor’s instructions or avoid over-styling your hair.


    Stress can also lead to many health conditions, in which hair loss is on the peak. In order to overcome your stress, you can practice some yoga postures and also try meditation.