What Are The Common Causes Of The Hair loss In The Teenage Girls?

What Are The Common Causes Of The Hair loss In The Teenage Girls?

    If you are in adult age, then losing your hair is the common condition. If you are in a teenage, then losing your precious hairs is the matter of the concern. Hair loss in teenage is the emotional trauma in the lives of the girls.

    There may be numbers of the reasons for the hair loss. So, it is vital to treat it timely otherwise, you will have to consult the best dermatologist for the best hair transplant in India.

    What are the various reasons or causes of the hair loss in teenage girls?

    Following are the reasons of hair loss in the teenage girls:

    • Hormones: as the girls are in growing age, their body changes with the passage of the time, then there will a lot of changes in their hormones. These hormonal will fluctuate their numbers of the things like emotions, eating habits and the hair growth.

    • Medicines: there are certain medicines that cause the hair loss in women. Some of the teenage girls take the birth control pills in order to treat the PCOS problem. These pills will responsible for the thinning of the hairs. Medicines like anticoagulants, beta blockers and high doses of vitamin A can lead to the problem of the hair loss.

    • Poor nutrition: There are numbers of the teenage girls who consume food that is rich in starch and fat. They are not consuming fruits and the vegetables. This will lead to the deficiency in the body. This ultimately led to the problem of the problem of the hair loss.

    • Over styling: most of the teenage girls use the heat products and the tight hairstyles in order to cope with the latest trends and the styles. This will result in hair loss. They are using the strengtheners, blow dryers and curly rods in the excessive amount. Excess of everything is bad; this will lead to the problem of the hair loss.

    • Medical condition: some of the teenage girls suffer from the hair loss problem due to the scalp infection, diabetes, and skin orders etc.

    What are the various ways of treating and preventing the hair loss problem in the teenage girls?

    The best way to correct the problem is to find the actual cause of the problem. Following are the preventative measures that should be adopted in order have the beautiful and the strong hairs:

    • Consume balanced diet: Always consume the balanced diet.

    • Consume food rich in omega 3s: Eat that food that contains the amount of the omega 3-s.

    • Gently wash hairs: Always wash and brush your beautiful hairs gently.

    • Avoid using heating products: Do not use the heating products.

    • Avoid doing tight hairstyles: Do not do the tight hairstyles for the several days.

    • Hormonal tests: Perform your hormonal tests on the regular basis.

    • Reduce stress: Try to reduce stress in your life.

    • Proper massaging: Always stimulate your scalp with the proper oil massage.