What Is A Corrective Hair Transplant Surgery?

What Is A Corrective Hair Transplant Surgery?

    Well, hair transplant is a well-renowned procedure which gives you natural and better results. After getting this procedure you do not need to go through any other hair loss treatment. But if you get the bad results from previous procedure then you need to go through corrective hair transplant procedure which is useful to fix the large hair grafts properly.

    What is a corrective hair transplant surgery?

    This is the type of surgery which basically designed to correct the bad results of previous procedures. And this is additionally known as corrective hair transplant surgery. In addition to this, this surgical procedure is performed when a person who took hair transplant previously and not happy with the results or he does not get the desired hair growth. There are several reasons why you need to go through a corrective hair transplantation process. These include-:

    • Noticeable scars
    • Poor surgeon skills or cheap surgeon
    • Outdated hair transplantation procedure
    • Scalp reduction.
    • And so on.

    These all the reasons are explained below in detail.

    Outdated Hair transplantation procedures-:

    If you took a traditional hair transplant surgery then you will surely experience the bad results. This was performed by a mini-grafting method in which your surgeon only collects the 10-15 grafts with the help of the strip harvesting method. Due to this method, you experience various incisions on your donor area, which results in scars. In addition, this usually results in unnatural hair growth because of which you need to go through a corrective hair transplantation procedure.


    This is another major cause of why people go with corrective hair restoration procedure. As we mentioned in the above point, in the previous day’s hair transplantation usually done with the help of mini-grafting or strip harvesting method which surely results in scars. These scars do not fade away over time and everyone can notice them easily.

    Scalp Reduction

    In this procedure, your surgeon removes some part of the skin from the bald scalp in order to perform this procedure. And this scalp reduction procedure leads to many complications such as scalp infection, scars, hemorrhage, and unnatural hair growth.

    A cheap or inexperienced surgeon

    The success of hair transplantation procedure usually depends on the skills and experience of the surgeon. If you choose a cheap surgeon for this procedure then you will surely get the bad results. Due to these reasons, you need to get the corrective procedure which is generally useful to treat bad results.

    Corrective Hair Transplant Treatments

    This treatment option is too useful because of this is useful to fix all the bad results. This treatment includes Hair camouflaging and Scalp Micro-pigmentation. These all are valuable to treat your large grafts inappropriate direction. So, there is no need to worry about anything if you are going to get this corrective hair transplantation procedure.