What Is Alopecia Universalis? Is There A Cure?

What Is Alopecia Universalis? Is There A Cure?

    Hair loss is mostly misunderstood as having hair loss from the top of the head.

    Those suffering from alopecia universalis lose hair from all their body parts,not just from the head.

    Alopecia means hair loss, it can happen in any part of body-eyebrows, armpits or even pubic hair.

    With the advancement of new treatments, people are able to grow back their hair. Those who have hair loss might find getting emotional and mental support to be helpful in boosting the quality of life.

    Is stress a cause of alopecia universalis?

    It is not proved that alopecia universalis is connected with stress or not. But extreme stress can surely activate alopecia universalis

    Hair loss which happens due to stress is called telogen effluvium. But, the good news is that this hair loss is for a short while only. Telogen effluvium can also happen due to physical or mental stress, any stressful situation, going on a diet, and intake of medicines.

    The hair loss happens long after the situation and goes away on its own.Telogen effluvium and alopecia universalis are not related to each other.

    What is the diagnosis?

    The doctor can diagnose with a physical exam and some other tests.

    A dermatologist might ask to see your medical records , and also will check loss of hair in your whole body.

    Many patients are also advised to get their biopsy done, to check for some other problems.


    Alopecia universalis starts as alopecia areata, which does not affect much body parts.

    Mostly the hair loss which occurs is all of a sudden, which leads to balding spots.

    As it starts to grow, it becomes alopecia universalis , which further causes hair loss to spread in all parts of the body, leaving not a single hair, either on body or head.

    Hair loss treatment

    There are mostly medicines prescribed for hair loss treatment.

    The doctor looks many factors like a person’s age, medical history, for treating the hair loss issue.


    This has been very successful in treating alopecia areata.


    These are very beneficial in relaxing the immune system and swelling.


    This is a methotrexate sodium, which when combined with a steroid called methylprednisolone ,gives maximum results.