What is Hair Transplant Procedure?

What is Hair Transplant Procedure?

    Although hair transplant is the popular and advanced procedure to get rid of abrupt and continue hair loss yet many of us are oblivion about this concept. Hair transplant is the only one procedure that can give you your lost hair back for life time in a surgical way.

    Even after the introduction of various cosmetics and medicines for solving the hair loss hair transplantation is preferred method to regain hair as it has 100% positive and permanent results.

    Both men and women can access this method for hair restoration at any age. These days hair loss is common problem due to various reasons of it like cancer, mental stress, side effects of medicines, drug addiction, genetic reasons and even hormonal reasons. Medicines and some prevention may help to control this problem but they are failed to restore hair and root out this problem. Opposite to it hair surgeries can not only eradicate this problem but for life time you can have natural and dense hair.

    What is the process Satyam hair transplantation surgery?

    Before clicking the option of hair treatment one must have complete information about the whole process.

    It is surgical procedure that helps you to regain hairs on permanent basis. For this procedure two methods are used for transplantation.

    1.    Follicular unit transplant
    2.    Follicular unit extraction

    Both methods are surgical but differ in the extraction of hair follicles in first method belt of hair follicles is removed but in later individual hair follicles are extracted. Both methods give results on permanent basis.

    We provide treatment in both methods and follow easy four steps for restoration.

    •    Step 1 complete diagnosis and selection of donor and recipient area

    Firstly when patient visit to our premises or ask for free consultation we take prior information related to his hair problem and photographs of his scalp that help us to do complete diagnosis of each hair issue.
    After the complete diagnosis our specialized surgeon selects the donor area from where healthy hair follicles can be extracted and according to the expectations of the patient recipient area and number of grafts required for it, is decided

    •    Step 2 pre surgery procedure

    Further after the selection of both areas patient is ready for the surgery. Before the process of transplantation gets started local anesthesia is applied to the scalp for the numbness so that patient will not feel any discomfort and pain during the surgery.
    After strip or individual hair follicles are extracted depending on procedure adopted FUT or FUE respectively. This extraction is done with the help of advanced and magnificent tools that cause minimal scarring.

    •    Step 3 division of hair follicles and transplantation

    Survival of the grafts is proportional to the care provided to the follicles outside the body while surgery so our team of experts handles the hair follicles with proper care and precautions and then the healthy follicles are divided and transplanted into the bald or thinning area carefully.

    •    Step 4 post surgery procedure

    After the surgery surgeon re examine the transplanted hair follicles and then patient of free to go home.

    After one day patient is asked to visit our clinic for the proper hair wash. Even some oral and written instructions are provided to the patient for further prevention and care.

    For any kind of problem faced after surgery patient may get back to us at any time.

    Within week patient can get back to his work and even minor redness and swelling appeared after surgery get healed within this week.

    After the complete procedure patient can get dense and natural hair for lifetime as per his requirements.