What is the Difference between Graft and Hair Follicle?

What is the Difference between Graft and Hair Follicle?

    Scalp on the hair grows in natural groupings of 1 to 5 hairs. In the hair transplantation method, the grafts are referred to as the hair which is grouped naturally and they are seen on the scalp surface. Read the given topic to know the difference between the hair follicles and graft.

    Hair growth is not always in one place. The hair follicles grow in a hair follicular unit. The follicular unit contains a 1 to 4 follicular unit. But people have one confusion in mind which is linked with a hair follicle and hair graft.

    Earlier this year we received an email from a person who has undergone the treatment of hair transplant from some other clinic. From where they got the surgery, first, the doctor told them they are at an advanced stage of male-pattern baldness and they will need around 500 hair grafts. The patient was ready to pay the cost of the treatment as it will help them to solve the problem as it helps in changing the appearance. But, even after a year, the hair is thin. Is there a need to get another hair transplant surgery to gain back the confidence which I have lost. Well, to make things clear our doctor has answered your query in detail.

    What needs to be done?

    Our surgeon called the patient to analyze the condition. But it is known that hair growth will not be seen. After seeing the pictures it was seen that blading areas were restored but 5000 grafts were not transplanted.

    You might be surprised to know that around 1500 grafts were transplanted. After contacting the previous hair clinic they said 1500 grafts were transplanted but that means he got around 5000 hair follicles in his hair. Well, for the patient to understand this thing is not easy.

    Understanding the Difference: Hair graft and Hair Follicle


    The piece of tissue which is obtained after dissecting the strip taken the donor area. The graft tissue which has hair follicles around 10 to 20.

    Hair follicles

    In technical terms, the follicular unit is a graft as graft has 1, 2, or 3 follicles.

    The hair follicle is different in terms of:

    • Different races
    • Different parts of the body
    • Different scalp area

    It means the follicular unit can be termed as grafts but the reverse is not true.

    Problem: Graft or Hair follicle?

    The root of the hair is termed as hair follicle which is present underneath the scalp. On the other hand, the graft is hair collection in the scalp which is grouped.

    Here, the most important thing is that you need to research properly and ask everything in detail. The best option is to clear everything face to face with a consultation. Book your appointment to know everything in a better way.