What is Traction alopecia? Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

What is Traction alopecia? Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

    Traction alopecia is hair loss, which is caused by over and over pulling on your hair. You can experience this issue on the off chance that you frequently wear your hair in a tight ponytail and a bun. Additionally, when you utilize chemicals on your hair. Traction alopecia can be turned around in the event that you quit pulling your hair back. On the off chance that you do not intervene soon, the hair loss might be lasting.

    Pulling on the hair over and again relaxes the hair shaft in its follicle. In addition, you may lose hair on the off chance that you regularly: pull your hair back into a tight ponytail, put your hair up in rollers overnight, wear tight braids, cornrows, dreadlocks, use hair extensions or weaves, and put your hair up in rollers overnight. Additionally, individuals with long hair can likewise get traction alopecia because of the heaviness of the hair pulling on the scalp. Men can likewise have it in their beard in the event that they twist it too tightly.


    Initially, traction alopecia might appear as little bumps on your scalp that resemble pimples. The primary symptom of traction alopecia is broken hair. The hairs along the front and sides of your scalp are frequently influenced. In any case, you may likewise see extreme hair loss on different regions of your scalp, rely upon your hair cut. The symptoms of traction alopecia include-: bumps, redness of the scalp, itching, scaling, soreness of the scalp, inflammation of the hair follicles, and pus-filled blisters on your scalp.
    In the end, the hair follicles can turn out to be so harmed and scared that they cannot develop new hair. The symptoms of this issue are unique in relation to those of different structures of alopecia. In different sorts, the hair loss happens in patches everywhere throughout the scalp. In traction alopecia, normally the hair that has been pulled is influenced.


    The most important strategy to avoid Traction Alopecia is to follow good hair styling habits. Preventions for traction alopecia include:

    • You should avoid tight hairstyles such as braids, buns, and dreadlocks. Moreover, you should change your hairstyle every few weeks. You must avoid the extreme use of styling products.
    • You must try hair growth agents such as minoxidil. Avoid using chemicals and hot irons.
    • If you are utilizing hair wigs, make sure to choose the wigs that are suitable to your skin. Additionally, you should choose wigs that causes less friction with the scalp.
    • Use pillow covers made of smooth materials such as satin and silk, that cause less friction and do not pull your hair.


    The specialist may prescribe you antibiotics to prevent infection in any open sores. You should also use anti fungal shampoos as hair loss treatment and biotin supplements to strengthen your hair. Topical steroids are valuable to bring down swelling on the scalp.