What results to expect after 3 months of getting a hair transplant?

What results to expect after 3 months of getting a hair transplant?

    Hair Transplant Results – What happens after 3 months?

    A hair transplant is a highly satisfying and safe, minimally invasive procedure for hair restoration. Now, after you have undergone the hair transplant, it’s an entire journey you need to go through. After the hair transplant, your medical expert will suggest necessary steps to be followed to see desired and expected hair transplant results.

    Usually, as the hair grows in a cycle, the same happens after the hair transplant in Punjab. So, it’s all about being patient and mindful about what you do after the surgery.

    Hair growth after the hair transplant procedure

    The hair follicles will not grow overnight after the FUE or FUT hair transplant. With each passing day, you will see the change in hair growth. In this entire process of healing and recovery, many things happen, and your hair transplant surgeon in Ludhiana will guide you about the same to see the necessary results you are looking for.

    How long does it take to see hair transplant results?

    The noticeable results happen within 2 to 3 months of getting a hair transplant. Although, the necessary results are seen when it’s around 8 or 12 months. Also, every person’s body recovers differently after the surgery, and the way you take care of yourself makes a difference.

    Hair transplant recovery timeline

    1 week after hair transplantation

    • You will have soreness and redness after surgery
    • For hydration, use saline spray for the scalp every 30 minutes for five days after surgery
    • Never pick on scabs
    • Expect to notice swelling on the head and scalp
    • Do not drink and smoke after surgery
    • Eat healthy food throughout and after the recovery
    • Avoid high strenuous exercise regime

    2 weeks after hair transplantation

    • After 14 days, it’s normal to have hair loss. This phase is called ‘Hair Shedding.’ The process is just the body reacting to the surgery. And afterward, you will notice the hair growth.
    • You can wash your hair after consulting the doctor. But for at least two months, use a mild shampoo.

    3 months after hair transplantation

    • Now, the incisions have started to heal, and hair growth get’s natural
    • Wait for at least four weeks to get a haircut; better to ask professionals to cut your hair.
    • Make sure to keep on visiting the doctor for follow-ups.

    6 months after hair transplantation

    • The initial swelling and redness have gone down by this point
    • You are at the stage where it’s much easier to assess the difference

    12 months after hair transplantation

    • Your doctor will ask you to come for follow-ups from time to time.
    • Now, you are at the stage where the desired difference in hair growth is visible
    • Flaunt and enjoy your new & healthy hair locks!

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