What to do before a hair transplant

What to do before a hair transplant

    A hair transplant is a surgical procedure with advantages and disadvantages. The side-effects of a hair transplant procedure can be dealt with in the shortest time, but the complications can lead to death at times. Infections and complications from anaesthesia are some of the things to watch out for before having a hair transplant. With this, a major consultation is necessary where a surgeon gets to know the medical history and current state of the patient. In this, a surgeon will know whether you are fit for the hair transplant or not.

    What will the surgeon desire to know during the consultation procedure?

    Is there any medical problem?

    When you suffer from HIV/AIDS, heart problems, cancer or any other long-term health problem, the surgeon must know. He has to evaluate your eligibility for the hair transplant procedure. He might as well send you to your medical doctor for authenticity.

    Do you consume any drugs, are you a smoker or under cancer treatment like chemotherapy? The surgeon might request you to stop taking drugs for at least two to three weeks before the hair transplant procedure. This is aimed at preventing complications that may even lead to poor results

    The age of the patient

    A good surgeon will not conduct a hair transplant on a patient under 19 years old. The surgeon will recommend non-surgical hair restoration procedures because the type of hair loss has not fully developed yet.

    A hair Transplant in Dubai is conducted after a general or multiple meetings with the surgeon. The surgeon takes an opportunity to explain the possible outcomes with other requirements.