What Type of Hair Loss is Normal?

What Type of Hair Loss is Normal?

    Don’t create havoc if you see a few strands of hair on your hairbrush every time you comb them. Some strands are bound to come out while brushing or combing. However, if the number of strands per brush is significant, then you need to take the indication seriously. It is best to approach a doctor if you witness hair loss which is above the normal limit. In case the hair loss is caused due to genetic factors, you may have to avail the facility of hair transplant.

    Normal Hair loss

    Though it goes unnoticed, your head may lose some hair every day. The amount of hair shed daily varies from person to person. Losing strands from 50 -100 is considered normal but losing 200 strands may also be normal for some people.

    Causes of hair loss: stress and health problems

    Hair loss may also occur as a repercussion of a stressful event in life. You may notice an increase in hair loss with the increase in stress levels. Following conditions can be the reason behind your increased hair loss-

    1. Losing weight at a rapid rate
    2. Giving birth to a child
    3. Lack of a balanced diet which lacks iron and protein
    4. Daily stress like problems in relationships, professional problems, or caring for a sick person may tax you so much that you start losing hair.
    5. Having undergone the condition of high fever
    6. Recovering from a surgery
    7. The situation of prolonged illness
    8. Undergoing treatment through chemotherapy
    9. Stopping hormonal medications like birth control pills in the recent past

    If the hair loss is due to the above reasons, it might subside within 6 months or so. Such kind of hair loss is usually temporary but if the hair loss doesn’t stop after 6 months, you may require some medical help for your hair loss treatment.

    The treatment options

    It is always beneficial to consult a medical professional regarding your hair loss. He is the right person to consult if you have been facing acute hair loss as it can lead to balding. Usually, hair transplant is the only option you have at the end of trying everything. You may avail it in two forms-FUE and FUT. One can even opt for PRP therapy which is entirely different from hair transplant even though it too claims to restore hair growth. A consultation session with a hair loss expert will lead you to the treatment methodology best for you. So book an appointment today and lead the way to a healthy mane.