Whether Cloning is Ethical or Unethical?

Whether Cloning is Ethical or Unethical?

    Cloning is the one of the major and amazing invention of today’s time that can create genetic copy of the looks of person. Clone of a person can be similar in the looks and appearance but differs in the personality as personality and behavior are the traits that are formed in the existing ambience and environment.

    What is cloning?

    Cloning is the asexual reproduction in which artificial reproduction of done out of the body that is done with the extracted cells that can create similar person to the existing whose cells were extracted. It means through one organism can be created artificially and both have same single bit of DNA.

    It can be done with two ways

    1. Artificial Embryo Twinning

    This is the process in which artificially two identical twins are created.

    Naturally twins get created after the fertilization of the cells and in few cases the Zygote get divided into two celled embryos.

    With the similar approach artificial embryo twinning is done but it does not occur into mother’s womb it is done by extracting cells from the embryos and manually early embryos are separated into individual cells that create twins.

    As in both cases cells are taken from the same Zygote so the twins become genetically similar to each other.

    02. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer

    Somatic cells are the cells different from two reproductive cells sperm and egg.

    In this method same extraction of cells is done but not from the embryos. In this nuclear of the one somatic cell is transferred to the other cell whose nuclear was already removed soon the cell with new transferred nucleus developed like a Zygote into the embryo which is implanted in the surrogate mother

    So the bit of DNA which was in nucleus is similar in both clone and organism whose clone is created.

    With the method of SCNT Dolly sheep was created. It was the first ever cloned mammal which was shown on screen in 1997.

    Whether cloning is having positive or negative impact?

    There are negative impacts of cloning that has put it into the bars of ethical and unethical activity.

    Firstly few religious issues make it unethical to destroy or to create embryos artificially so the debate becomes bigger on the terms that it is throbbing human believes and emotions.

    Secondly there are some health risks associated with the cloning as the experiments with the early embryos can result into the birth of abnormal baby which is certainly a devastating result and nightmare for mankind.

    Thirdly there can be possibility in the SCNT method that cells are taken from the adult body that is in the growing age and when new organism comes on earth then there are chances that genes can stop working after certain age as it were taken from the mature body cells so the clone can stop working in 30 – 40age.

    Finally in the cases of animals and mammals the experiments with the cells and nuclear can result into the birth of abnormalities or even monsters.

    However the basic purpose of cloning invention was not negative it was for the development of mankind as with the mixing of cells from two different organisms the child cell can be generated with the properties of both as now experiments are being done for the clone cow that will give more milk than the ordinary ones.

    So after considering the all aspects related to this invention it is true that disadvantages of the cloning system outweigh its advantages.