Why Cant we Transplant others Hair or Artificial Hair?

Why Cant we Transplant others Hair or Artificial Hair?

    Hair transplantation is the best treatment option for the people dealing with hair loss or bald spots. Patients undergoing the treatment often ask whether they can hair of another person or use the artificial hair to get the desired results. If you are thinking about the same thing then read the guide for better understanding.

    What is the need of getting your hair for hair transplant?

    So, you have finally decided to undergo the treatment of hair transplant but still, you have loads of questions in your mind. One of the most common questions is, “Why do I need to use my hair for the hair transplant surgery?” or “When will I see the results?” Here we are going to discuss in detail the need for our own hair for the treatment.

    Requirement of own hair for transplant

    Well, there are fewer chances of rejection when the patient’s hair is used. The hair grafts taken from the back of the scalp will help to ensure proper hair growth. In some cases, the body hair of the patient can be used to transplant in a problematic area.

    Why is another person’s hair not used?

    When another person’s hair is used different things need to be kept in mind. They need to take the medications to strengthen their immunity. It might seem possible technically, but no skilled and experienced surgeon will make the mistake of using the artificial or other person’s hair.

    Why can’t we get the other hair after group matching as it is possible with liver or kidney transplant?

    It might seem like the technique is similar, but the problem is that the use of other person donor hair is not possible with hair restoration. The major issue is the need to take the immunosuppressants which affect the person’s immune system and also increase the risk of infection & even cancer.

    Well, the choice of other person donor hair is not only feasible but it is highly undesirable as the desired results won’t be the best. For every person, the thickness, color, texture, and hairstyle are different. So, it is nearly impossible to find the donor whose hair would match perfectly with yours.

    What is the donor area and why the donor hair won’t fall out after getting transplanted?

    The donor area is your back of the scalp and the hair is transplanted to the recipient area which is the hairline. The donor area is strong from its root and that grows on its own. So, using this hair will help to give the uniformity and the hair which grows are of the same color & texture.

    Why does body hair not fall out after transplantation?

    The logic is the same as the donor hair. When you choose the body hair for the recipient area the hair growth will be strong and it will look natural.