Why redness occurs after hair transplant?

Why redness occurs after hair transplant?

    Hair transplant is the best option available to treat hair loss and even the results are natural and permanent. But one thing which is essential to see the best results take proper care as there is redness after the surgery. In this guide, we will share why redness occurs after the hair transplantation surgery.

    You have just undergone the surgery of hair transplant or going to get it next week. Then one thing which you need to know that after the procedure, redness will be there on the scalp.

    Why redness occurs after the surgery?

    • After the hair transplant surgery, redness is very common. It occurs because of transplanting the hair follicles and the healing process after that.
    • Keep in mind that this is very normal and it will fade away within one to three weeks after the surgery. In case, your skin is of lighter color then you might be at high risk.
    • During the procedure, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area one by one. To pull out the hair follicles small and circular incision is made using a micro-needle around the follicles. After that, they are pulled our which leaves a tiny hole in the skin. Around one to 4 hair are in each follicle unit.
    • The follicles are then transplanted into the bald area of the head, which helps the growth of healthy hair follicles on that area.
    • Once the procedure is done, there will be redness and swelling around the scabs or over the transplanted graft crusts might be present.
    • Following the doctor’s guidelines and instructions will make the scabs fall off within 5 to 8 days.

    Post-treatment Guidelines

    It is very important that you follow the suggestions given by the doctor.

    • To reduce the swelling you should sleep in semi-sitting position. This will prevent you from touching the transplanted area accidentally.
    • Do not touch, rub, or scratch the area where the hair grafts have been transplanted.
    • Make sure you cover the scalp with a scarf to avoid exposure with sun rays.
    • Do not take a shower with hot water.
    • 2 weeks after the surgery do not smoke and drink.
    • Take medications on time which will help to reduce swelling and redness.

    Well, the redness after the surgery lasts for around 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the patient case. Redness might be more for people who have sensitive and light-colored skin.

    In case, if the redness persists after 2 months then you should seek the help of the surgeon as the risk of infection is more.

    There is no doubt, getting the surgery is very helpful to get rid of hair loss but it is essential that you follow the doctor’s guidelines properly.