Why There Is A More Baldness In The Arabic Region?

Why There Is A More Baldness In The Arabic Region?

    Even studies have been conducted for knowing the volume of people that are suffering from the baldness then regular increase in the volume have been observed in this region

    On the basis of latest studies it has been revealed that almost 60% people are there that are suffering from pattern hair loss in their 20s and seeking for Hair transplant In Turkey.

    Important fact to know that why there is increase in count for hair loss patients but as such there is not a solid answer for this question.

    Researchers have blamed the lifestyle and climate of Arab countries for the severity of this problem. As in the hot and dry country people have much exposure to sun and heat which is not good for the health of hair. Even in these Arabic countries people have habit to cover their head for longer time this may also be the reason for hair fall as cover8ing head for longer hours can stop the hair to breath and grow.

    Even the eating habits and use of sea water can also be responsible for the hair loss in this region and then to regain their look and to get rid from thinning head people of Arab countries take Turkey as complete destination for permanent hair restoration.

    Even the experts have observed that industrialization of food and drinks and even the lack of nutrition can also be responsible for the hair fall from very early age of 20s. Even few hair experts claim that in these countries people suffer from more stress and the prolonged stress can also push hair follicles in the resting phase and cause premature shedding of them.

    Hence there can be various reasons related to environment, lifestyle, food and climate that become reason from bald heads among Arabic people but as such not any specific reason for this problem has been arrested by the researchers.