Yoga Secrets for Healthy & Stronger Hair

Yoga Secrets for Healthy & Stronger Hair

    Yoga has now become part of the modern lifestyle, probably because of its benefits, convenience, and suitability. Various health conditions are impacted through yoga poses and at this moment, we would like to know some of the yoga poses or secrets for your hair.

    • Kapalbhati Pranayam

    This pose is excellent in relieving stress and facilitating excellent circulation of blood in the entire body which helps in hair growth. With the Kapalbhati Pranayam approach, sit while your spine straightened and then close your eyes. Inhale deeply with both the nostrils and fill your lungs with air. Afterwards, exhale through the nostrils in a way that causes pressure in your stomach. Repeat for 6 minutes.

    • The Anuloma Viloma Pose

    This exercise works by improving the working ability of the lungs and also, it can eliminate depression and tension, which are common causes of hair fall.

    In this approach, sit with your eyes closed in the Lotus position and let your hands rest on the knees. Close the right nostril using your right thumb and inhale more oxygen using the left nostril. You have to inhale as much as you can and then exhale. With the help of your middle finger, close your left nostril as you exhale and then inhale with your right nostril and exhale. Try to concentrate as you do this exercise.

    • Utthanasana

    With the Utthanasana exercise, stand straight with your feet together. Relax and take a deep breath, stretch your arms high up as you exhale slowly. Bend and touch the floor with your palms properly fixed layered. While in that position, count to 7 and breath normally. Inhale deeply and in case you can’t do so, fold your hands and then buckle each elbow with the opposite hand. This exercise helps in eliminating stress, and anxiety that cause hair fall. It also helps blood circulate efficiently in the scalp.

    • Surya Namaskar

    Surya Namaskar is basically a collection of asanas that consists of twelve yoga poses. With this, you can stand straight with your arms held high or touching the floor, or in a praying posture. Such help in improving blood circulation in the entire body and, above all, an excellent cardiovascular workout.

    Apart from following the above-mentioned yoga poses/exercises, attaining an ideal anti-hair fall product is essential. In the same way, you must adopt an excellent hair care regime that will keep your hair and scalp nourished and healthy. Living a healthy lifestyle and improving your diet with vegetables, fruits, nuts, and dairy products is necessary.