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Body Hair Transplant India

Dr. K.K. Arora’s Satyam Hair Transplant Center is devoted to serve the people who look for reliable hair transplant services. We have a set of sophisticated apparatus that is operated by our skilled and professionally trained Hair transplant surgical team who provide hair restoration solutions to the international standards to the people.

We aim to offer advanced treatment for all types of hair problems in both males and females for hair and scalp problems.
We develop excellent body hair transplant solutions that are suitable for people of different age groups by using the advanced techniques and technology by using the sophisticated equipments available to deliver the incomparable results. The hair transplantation has experienced wide surge in the improvement of the technique that have enabled us to offer our patients to receive satisfactory, undetectable and natural looking hair transplants instead the traditional versions that offer artificial looks.

We offer unnoticeable and natural looking body hair transplants. We are specialized in female hair transplantation, body hair transplantation and eyebrow reconstruction. Our main aim is to educate and suggest the latest developments in the field of hair restoration and to develop awareness about the Hair Transplants. We trust the significance of choosing a suitable destination for Hair Transplantation that describes the marvels of hair restoration.

Hair Transplant is also called as body hair transplant is a similar kind of hair transplant that is also done by using FUE method. In FUE method, patients do not require to make any kind of scars or cuts on scalp likewise the other parts of body. The donor hairs can be received from beard, back, stomach, legs, chest and arms. After extracting the grafts from the different body areas, they are transplanted through FUE surgery on the bald area of scalp.

People who suffer from extensive baldness lose courage after receiving poor treatments from the conventional methods. Undoubtedly the body hair transplant procedure provided by our skilled surgeons offers the remarkable results. This technique is recommended for people who are suffering from extensive baldness and inadequate hair growth on the backside of head.

[Note: we use special punches which donot leave any mark on bear side extraction]


    Challenging Point at the time of hair Transplant Facing By the Doctor:

    Patient Name : Mr.Surjit had Extreme degree of baldness

    check the patient baldness from different angles

    View of Bald Area of Head From Different Angles

    less donor area

    Very less donor area

    hair line

    Hair Line Selected By the client

    didn't cover the full baldness due to less donor area

    Cannot complete the requirement of whole head

    taking grafts fron the beard

    Now for good hair transplant we have to take hairs from the beard

    cover the whole blad area after taking grafts from beard

    Now see the after taking the hair from beard now the whole area of Baldness covered

    picture taken after the 4 monts of surgery

    Now This Picture has been taken after 4 months of his hair transplant

    picture taken after the 8 monts of surgery

    Now this picture has been taken after 8 month of his hair transplant

    Body Hair Transplantation Procedure

    For people having good density of body hair, the transplants increase donor hair availability. This treatment is significant for people with vast hair loss and lack of scalp donor area for various reasons.

    Dr. K.K. Arora has successfully performed body hair transplants from stomach, auxiliary areas, back, back of hand, beard, chest, under arms, legs, thighs and pubic area. Satyam Hair Transplant Center is equipped with the advanced surgical tools and systems to conduct pain-free hair transplants. We use latest techniques to confirm meeting our patient’s requirements by providing well grown hair density that look natural and grow further.

    Not all like the body hair and try to remove it. With body hair transplant, the unwanted hairs are removed from body and implanted to scalp to improve your overall look and provide cosy experience of being yourself. So set an appointment with our surgeon Dr. K.K. Arora to get consultation about your hair transplantation and get the required service.


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