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Breast Augmentation surgery and cost

Breast Augmentation is also termed as a boob job. It is a surgery that has existed in the cosmetic surgery field for many years. Due to the advancement in technology, breast augmentation is performed due to many reasons and they are safer than before.


    What is breast augmentation?

    It is a surgery where the size of the breasts is altered to meet a patient’s requirement. In this procedure, the breasts are made bigger and fuller, especially for cosmetic reasons or after mastectomy for breast cancer. Breast augmentation can be performed on all women, but the procedure requires time and a lot of effort from the surgeon’s size

    Candidates for Breast Augmentation

    This procedure can be performed on all women, but it is better to know that that one will require another breast augmentation procedure in the case still young. A good candidate must have the following

    • A good general health
    • A patient who has a history of mastectomy
    • One whose breasts are small
    • Abnormal breast development
    • Not satisfied with the normal breasts

    What is used in breast augmentation?

    Anesthesia is used before the procedure commences

    Saline and silicone gel implants are the two main implants used in this cosmetic surgery. Saline implants are silicone shells filled with sterile salt water. Once these implants are fixed in the breast, they are filled with the sterile salt water


    Who gets these?

    These implants can be acquired by anyone starting from the age of 17

    Silicone Breast implants

    These are implants where silicone shells are filled with a gel which is thick and more like human fat. It is fixed in the breast to give it the perfect shape as desired by the patient

    Who gets them?

    Younger girls/women can’t go for this type of implants. It is only available for those above the age of 23. The silicone breast implants tend to give a natural feeling of natural breasts more than the saline implants and that is why they are highly preferred by women

    Treatment and recovery period

    • Breast augmentation is performed on outpatients and it also requires a patient to stay at the clinic for one night or two
    • Breast augmentation treatment in India has to be taken seriously and at least, it will require a patient to have 11 days off her work to take care of herself
    • Drainage tubes are placed in the breasts for the liquid or blood to flow in and they are removed after five or seven days
    • After the procedure, cotton is placed on the breasts and one needs a surgical bra to protect the breasts
    • Painkillers are prescribed for the patient to relieve her from the pain.
    • During this period, one has to take more rest and relax from all tension and stress
    • No physical exercises are allowed for at least two months
    • The scar will go away with time; redness and swelling are also temporary.

    The cost

    It ranges from $ 5,100 to $ 13,000.

    Price charges mostly depend on the type of implants you need, the clinic and the surgeon, plus the treatment that is required. Talk to your doctor to know the type of implants suitable for you.


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