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Breast Reduction treatment and cost in India

As women grow, they become victims of enlarging breasts that at times outmatch their bodies. Big breasts and mostly those of an extreme size always hamper with a woman’s normal activities. They become self-conscious and reluctant in making public comments due to the shame in themselves. Modern lifestyle is an influence in maintaining a perfect body and trying all means to have the best shape and size of the breasts. Athletes, by all means, have to find ways to do away with big breasts which call for breast reduction


    What is breast reduction?

    Breast reduction is a procedure where excess tissue and skin are removed from the breast to give it a new desired shape and size. The results of breast reduction can be seen right after the procedure

    Causes of large breasts in womenn

    What happens naturally is that as women grow, female hormones are stimulated to cause the development of the reproductive parts. Normal and stable hormones will regulate the size of the parts, whereas, in some women, these hormones may go out of balance hence causing improper developments. The age of puberty is when changes in a woman are witnessed

    Genetics, pregnancy and unhealthy diets are also causes of large breasts in women


    How breast reduction is performed

    Generally, the main aim of breast reduction is to decrease the size of the breast(s), but in the same procedure, the dark region around the can be reduced or improved to give it an attractive appearance

    The procedure is performed after general anesthesia is given to a patient and it can last for five four hours

    Incisions are made in the breast and the excessive tissue is removed after which sutures are used to join the skin together. In cases where it is only fat that is a major problem, liposuction alone is used to extract the fat.

    Breast reduction surgery must not be performed on lactating or pregnant women.


    Why is the procedure performed?

    1. Cosmetic reasons

    Women who desire to have an improved overall body appearance can have this procedure done

    1. Physical restrictions

    Women who are athletes or those who breasts are too big and hinder them from performing their normal duties

    1. Medical reasons

    Those whose breasts hurt, heavy, and also cause pain in the neck or the back



    Breast reduction treatment in India is done by having medications, a surgery, and postoperative care. A patient must take some days off from work until the breasts completely heal. The scars will fade away and one should inform the doctor in case of bleeding or extreme pain

    No physical exercises are allowed during the recovery period

    The cost

    Breast reduction cost in India is determined by many factors, but one should expect the charges of 2800 dollars and above. The clinic and the surgeon also matter. Before having a breast reduction, one must know that the chances of losing the natural feeling of the breasts are high, one may not breastfeed in the future and there are complications associated with this surgery more especially when performed by an inexperienced surgeon


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