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Cosmetic Gynecology treatment and Cost in India

Cosmetic Gynecology is a field that can’t be ignored in both men and women. This field is necessary for women most especially due to the fact that there are many reproductive problems that they face. In cosmetic gynecology, a doctor has to be willing to listen to all his or her patients, answer their questions and provide solutions. It requires knowledge about the woman’s reproductive system, its functions and how it performs its work.

Being a doctor in this field needs patience because it requires dedication to diagnose and prescribe the right procedures and treatments for patients



    What is cosmetic gynecology?

    These are varieties of procedures performed for cosmetic reasons, but improving the functionality and look of the reproductive parts. Cosmetic Gynecology treatment in India is performed at many clinics for numerous reasons. Most women tend to share ideas and get solutions to the doubts they have.

    It is a recent development, but it has a lot of importance to the modern people. It involves cosmetic procedures, medical procedures, treatment, and counseling.

    Procedures under Cosmetic Gynecology

    Vaginal Rejuvenation

    It is a procedure where the vagina is tightened to improve its function. The muscles and the walls of the vagina may become weak due to aging and after having two or more childbirths.


    It is a surgery performed to detect the problems that may occur in the pelvic region of a woman or in the different reproductive parts. These may include infections, cysts, and fibroids. A laparoscopic surgery requires a surgeon to make an incision in the lower part of the navel

    Female sexual enhancement

    It involves providing treatment or counseling for increasing the woman’s sexual desire. It also helps in improving sexual performance


    It is used to look at the inside of the woman’s body. This may happen during pregnancy, after pregnancy or in the case of any sexual issue that has to be detected

    Labiaplasty or Labiaplasty Revisions

    It is done to alter the appearance of the labia or to create one.


    It is performed to restore the perineum that has been injured or that was affected during childbearing. In other cases, this may be done due to the aging factor

    Clitoral hood correction

    In this, the excessive skin is removed from the sides of the clitoris

    STDs Treatment

    Medication for various sexually transmitted diseases can be provided

    Family Planning Services

    Different birth control techniques like IUD, pills, and birth control implants are provided

    Cosmetic gynecology includes many services and they can be performed with other cosmetic procedures, for example, facelifts, skin rejuvenation, liposuction and so on

    After the surgeries

    1. One can stay for an overnight at the clinic or be discharged
    2. No problems in urinating
    3. Follow the doctor’s directions
    4. One may experience laziness and dizziness due to anesthesia or intravenous

    The cost

    Cosmetic Gynecology cost in India depends on the type of treatment and surgery one is going in for. Clinics and surgeons charge differently since there are many treatments and surgeries under this scheme.

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