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Dermabrasion Treatment

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Dermabrasion Treatment

Technological advancement has led to many improvements in the cosmetic field. The different procedures conducted have resulted in extraordinary benefits to patients and that is why more patients are going in for these treatments. One of the leading cosmetic procedures today is a Dermabrasion and a co-partner “Microdermabrasion”


    What is dermabrasion?

    It is a cosmetic technique where superficial layers of the skin are removed with the help of sand that is applied on the skin. A rotating instrument is used in this process which causes the skin to exfoliate. At the end of the process, the skin’s appearance is improved.

    The difference between Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion

    In Dermabrasion, a surgeon applies sand on the patient’s face using a rotating tool, whereas in Microdermabrasion, exfoliating crystals are applied on the face. This procedure works best on spots and dull skins


    When to go for Dermabrasion

    It can be an option when you are affected by the following skin or facial disorders;

    • Wrinkles
    • Fine lines
    • Acne scars
    • Scars resulting from an accident, a surgery or an injury
    • Age spots and brown spots
    • Skin damage from the sun
    • Rhinophyma
    • Pigmentation


    Who goes in for Dermabrasion treatment?

    • Skin affected by burns
    • A non-smoker
    • A healthy person
    • One without inflammatory acne

    Consult a dermatologist to see if you are suitable to have a dermabrasion treatment and if not, other alternatives will be able to help you.


    Before the treatment

    • A thorough consultation must take place before the treatment. One must disclose all habit to the doctor to avoid increasing the risks and complications.
    • Avoid the sun as much as you can a month or two before the treatment. This is because it increases the healing period
    • If at all you smoke, it is advisable that you stop for 2 or 3 weeks because it increases the risk of bleeding
    • A doctor will recommend you to eat healthily

    Medications to have before the Treatment

    • Use of retinoid cream because sit speeds up the healing process
    • Antiviral medications can be used before and after the treatment
    • Use of antibiotics to prevent infections

    Dermabrasion Procedure

    1. It is an outpatient procedure and you will probably be discharged on that very day
    2. The dermatologist applies anesthesia on the facial region to create numbness, and it depends on the level of treatment needed
    3. If a large skin is affected, the doctor will need more sessions to perform the procedure
    4. Your skin will be stretched by a nurse and the doctor will pass a dermabrader on your skin.
    5. A slightly wet dressing is placed on the skin and it can be changed accordingly


    After the procedure and postoperative care

    • The doctor will give you instructions that must be followed. Change the dressings and keep the face away from dust.
    • You can take antiviral medications to avoid infections.
    • Your face will be swollen; sting and a yellow liquid will be produced during the healing period
    • Proper healing will occur after 13 weeks

    Risks and Complications to expect

    • Swelling
    • Enlargement of pores
    • Changes in the tone of the skin

    Benefits of the treatment

    • Dermabrasion treatment in India offers many benefits, especially when performed by an expert. The skin will totally be changed with reduced lines and wrinkles
    • There will be a normal skin pigment

    The Cost

    • Dermabrasion cost in India ranges from Rs.1500 to Rs.2700. The price may increase depending on the type of skin problem and the area to be treated.
    • The price differs from one clinic to another.
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