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Face Lift Surgery (threads) and Cost in India

Due to the natural factors, environmental factors and psychological factors, our faces tend to lose their beauty and youthful appearance so fast. A face Lift is one of the leading cosmetic procedures that many individuals undergo out of desire and love. It is a surgery where results can be predicted before the procedure is performed. Any step is observed and conducted to give the face of a patient a better appearance than before.


    What is a Face Lift?

    It is also known as Rhytidectomy and is a procedure where one’s face is made to look younger by eliminating all the wrinkles, sagging skin and at the end tighten the muscles. This procedure aims at tightening the muscles in the face and the neck and making the face get back the youthful look that one once had

    This surgery can be performed with other surgeries, for example, eyelid, liposuction, chin surgery and a forehead lift.


    Before the surgery

    Your doctor will tell you about the pros and cons of this surgery. An evaluation must be made to show a patient the possible outcomes.

    One has to be healthy


    The Thread Face Lift

    A Polydioxanone (PDO) thread is a new technique that is preferred by most patients. These threads are absorbed within the skin and also stimulate collagen and elastin production. There are two types of threads that are used, namely: the Aptos threads and the contour threads.

    The Aptos threads have barbs and once inserted into the skin, they collect the skin tissue after which they fill and lift the sagging skin. A tightened face is witnessed at the end of the procedure.

    The contour threads put back the sagging tissue into the right position, hence making a person appear younger.


    After the procedure

    • With the popular facelift surgeries, a bandage is wrapped around the face and drainages can be removed after a few hours of the surgery.
    • The sutures in the scalp may last for 9 days and they are then taken off
    • For the thread technique, the procedure can last for 50 minutes and the recovery period is short. Face Lift treatment in India is not burdensome and one is fully monitored by the doctor
    • The swelling, scarring and bruising will disappear after a few days
    • A fractional Co2 laser treatment may be taken to remove the scar completely

    Benefits of the surgery

    1. A youthful appearance
    2. It can take 5 years before you get the procedure done again
    3. It is safe and trusted
    4. Alters the, face according to the patient’s desires


    The cost

    The Face Lift Cost in India is estimated to be around $3500 and it can increase depending on the type of facelift used, the surgeon and the clinic.

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