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Facial, Beard, Eyebrow and Moustaches Hair restoration

Facial hair transplant on men is essential who experience spotty hair loss in their beard or moustache. The hair loss could be genetic or caused by surgical scars, inflammation or injuries.


    Facial hair growth problem

    1. Lack of facial hair growth and patchiness may be caused by scarring
    2. Hereditary problem
    3. Sideburns

    Most of men look for versatility in their facial hair and moustache that allows them to change their appearance and styles whenever they want.

    Hair Transplant Procedure

    • FUE procedure is used for hair transplantation
    • Hair grafts are extracted from donor region such back side of scalp
    • The extract hair grafts are skilfully placed on the spotty regions of beard or moustache.
    • Receiving large amount of donor hair, it is possible to cover the entire empty spots in beard to offer the required results
    • The transplanted hair attain natural growth and once their growth begins, they can be trimmed and shaved


    • Hair transplanted by FUE live permanently
    • They look natural
    • Unidentifiable restored hair
    • The difference is noticeable quickly after the treatment is completed
    • Complete results are visible within a couple of months that are usually three to four months

    Recovery process and Downtime

    • There is nominal to no down time at all after the FUE procedure is completed because only local anaesthetic effect is used
    • So patients can turn back to home immediately after the treatment is performed
    • They can resume their daily routine on the immediate day
    • Healing time varies depending on face or spotty areas that are treated. Normally it takes three to four days
    • Any kind of redness or nominal swelling fades away within a week

    Additionally the patients do not need to be worried about the scars because the incisions made on the donor region are even less than 1mm in diameter. So there are no visible scars on beard and moustache area at all.

    Worried about Cost?

    Satyam Hair Transplant Center is the most economical destination for receiving hair restoration treatments. The overall cost is estimated by the required grafts count that depends on an individual and their baldness extent.

    We charge per graft basis instead per hair. As most of the grafts contain 2 – 3 hair units, so if 1000 grafts are placed, it means 2500 hairs will be transplanted.


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