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Female Pattern Baldness Treatment

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Female Pattern Baldness Treatment

Female pattern baldness is hair loss condition in which particular pattern of hair loss is formed. This occurs in women having androgenetic alopecia. It is noted that around 40% women start facing this problem till the time they reach 50 and less than 45% women only live their life with beautiful hair. In society, women and beauty are a synonym for each other. So hair loss is a very distressing problem for women.

Though we called it a type of androgenetic alopecia, the baldness pattern is quite different from that of male pattern baldness. Normally 50-100 hairs shed in a day, but when the shedding of hair increases and hair volume reduce to a considerable level, it causes diffuse thinning of scalp’s hair. The male pattern of baldness very rarely occurs in women as it associated with androgen. If there is excessive production of androgens than male pattern baldness can also occur in women.


    Reasons and Causes

    In female pattern baldness like male pattern baldness, genes and hormones play an important role. Other than genetics and hormone, ageing is another factor of causing this. The change is the production of androgens in women can cause this type of hair loss. Menopause can become the reason for hair fall as during menopause, lot of hormonal change occurs in the body which can affect the hair growth.

    The genetics also play a crucial role in it, If in a family, parents are affected with androgenetic alopecia then there are great chances of this to happen. Though the exact reason of female pattern baldness is not known to anyone.



    The extent of baldness in this type of hair can vary. Sometimes, the FPHL show very mild hair loss. So it completely up to you that you want to have treatment for this or not. But still, It is more difficult for women to face baldness than men. It can even cause the depression and low self-esteem in women. So getting a treatment for hair loss as early as possible is a must for women. The treatment for female pattern baldness is as following:

    Medication: The most common medicine which is used in FPHL is Minoxidil. This medicine is directly applied to the scalp. This medicine is very helpful in slowing down the hair fall and even stop it. But this cannot be considered best treatment because as soon as you will stop using it, your hair fall will starts again.

    If Minoxidil does not work , then other medicines like Birth control pills, Spironolactone, Ketoconazole, etc. are recommended by a doctor after doing the proper diagnosis.

    Hair Transplant: When no medicine works, the hair transplant is the only savior in that condition. In this procedure, normally hair follicles are extracted from the scalp’s area where you have high volume hair. Then these extracted follicles are placed in scalp where these is low hair density. Follicular Unit Extraction has become one of the best hair transplant procedure. As in this case, no marks of stitches occurs. So it is best for women.



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