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FUE Hair Transplant India

Hair loss is a terrible experience for almost every person that they always keep looking for the solutions to get hair back. Several methods of hair loss treatment have been introduced; the most promising one is hair transplantation. In the present time, the essential factor when it is about to select the hair transplant, price is also considered. Over the big area, we also require to use other hair restoration methods such as Body Hair Transplant.


    Fue Hair Transplant Technique, cost

    Fue is a modern hair transplantation method that assures to offer the completely natural results. It is a far superior sophisticated method that is why there are a couple of clinics around the world, providing the same results.  With FUE, there are no incisions that refers that there are also no scars. Through a suction such as method, individual grafts are eliminated and are quickly placed in the recipient area.

    fue process in detail

    Procedure of Fue Hair Transplantation

    1. The donor region and recipient regions are differentiated at first.
    2. For donor region, if the scalp will not offer adequate grafts, other body parts like beard, chest and legs can also be considered.
    3. The grafts are then received from the donor region. The hair follicles or grafts are then implanted quickly on the recipient region.
    4. In FUE, the received grafts are placed under microscope to measure their integrity and to sort them following the count of hairs present in each graft.

    FUE is an invasive procedure that doesn’t result into scars, particularly when performed by the specialist. Moreover the healing period is nominal and people are able to come back to their normal lives in the short period.


    Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

    There is a reason why many people are now choosing for FUE hair transplant, unlike to the other types of hair transplant and that reason is that it is the supremely effective method of getting natural hair. Following are the reasons:

    1. As there is no linear scar that is prominent in a follicular unit transplant, you wear your hair as small as you need.
    2. There are no seizures that means there are no stitches
    3. Without cuts or stitches, the recovery period is small that means that you can regain your normal life within the shortest time possible.
    4. As there are no cuts, there is a nominal chance of infection in the donor region or recipient area
    5. The donor region can be beyond the scalp as with FUE, grafts can be taken from beard, arms, legs, chest etc.

    Disadvantages of FUE

    1. There is a limited count of grafts that can be received in single session
    2. There are usually problems associated with mechanical trauma
    3. If you dont take care of grafts they may become non-useful.
    4. If the transplantation is not performed by a specialist, they may cause unnecessary harvesting.

    Reasons to get FUE procedure performed at Satyam Institute

    1. Complete control of follicular transaction rate –below 3%, every time
    2. The time invested by a graft, besides the body, is nominal to offer healthy results
    3. As professional surgeons will perform the procedure, it ensures that the extraction will happen, fast and efficiently
    4. The grafts are offered in numbers that is in tandem with moral medical processes
    5. A support staff is experienced in the procedures, that states that they can assist the surgeons, proficiently
    6. Procedures are conducted in the state-of-art operating rooms and are highly hygienic.

    FUE hair restoration is a common aesthetic procedure that is performed to offer natural-looking results with exceptional recovery times. The transplants are conducted by using advanced transplantation technology that enhances the implantation part of the procedure by discarding the requirement of incisions for donor grafts. With FUE, the grafts are directly implanted into the skin. It helps reducing blood-loss and pain during the transplant and develops fully natural results.

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