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Giga Session Hair Transplant

The technology has helped equip and provide different measures to deal with hair loss and baldness in men and women. The two latest techniques used in hair transplants are Mega and Giga session techniques that mount on the level of hair acquired through transplantation. A hair transplant is generally a procedure where hair is removed from one area (donor) to the other area (recipient).

With the latest developments, hair transplant in India has provided many alternatives for patients and one of them is Giga sessions


    What are Giga Session Hair Transplant Procedures?

    Giga session is a procedure that allows a hair surgeon to use both FUT and FUE Hair transplant techniques. This procedure can be performed in one session or more depending on a number of grafts to be harvested and implanted. The procedure can allow 5100 grafts to be extracted in the single round using a strip or getting hair by a simple tool.

    The procedure is commonly used in instances where a patient has a big affected area

    The procedure of Giga Session Hair transplant

    1. Since the technique involves two procedures, a strip of hair is removed from the donor area and that is at the back of the scalp where there is a more density of hair. All the grafts of the strip are utilized in the hair transplantation.
    2. The strip is divided into single grafts and stored
    3. In the FUE technique, almost 5200 can be harvested from the scalp or from the other parts of the body.
    4. The grafts are then implanted properly and this can be done either in a single round or two depending on the speed of the surgeon.

    A Giga Session at Satyam India Hair Transplant clinic

    Expertise is all that it takes to make new techniques, effective and advantageous to the patients. Having a Giga session hair transplant at our clinic will help you gain a fuller head and forget about hair loss because of the following

    • Well-equipped clinic
    • A proper surgical process is followed
    • Specialists in hair transplant techniques are found in our clinic


    Candidacy and when this procedure can be performed

    • One should be healthy
    • Good expertise of the surgeon
    • There should more hair in the donor areas
    • Good dissecting and implantation speed at the clinic


    The Benefits of having a Giga Session

    • A fuller head of hair
    • More hair grafts are harvested and implanted
    • Cost-effective due to the fact that another hair transplant procedure won’t be necessary
    • A surgeon will cover the strip scar with more hair grafts from FUE
    • Best results

    A Giga Session Hair Transplant in India is performed at the best hair transplant clinic in India. Consult the expert to get the way forward to having the best Giga session hair transplant procedure.


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