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Gynaecomastia treatment in India and Cost

Gynaecomastia or breast tissue development in men is a breast problem that occurs in almost 36% of men today. Breasts are supposed to be visible in women, but where a man experiences the same occurrence, it is taken to be gynaecomastia. It is a problem that occurs mainly in babies, but once some boys reach puberty, the development increases. This problem is associated with hormonal imbalances. Excessive Oestrogen causes the breasts to develop in men.


    The actual causes

    1. Obesity

    Boys who are increasingly fed on high fat foods and proteins have higher chances of developing gynaecomastia. Also men who are obese tend to have the problem even after losing weight

    1. Genes

    Gene mutation happens once a baby is conceived. A boy can have this problem due to genetic factors and chances where it has ever occurred in the family

    1. Hormonal imbalances

    Men who develop the breast tissue have excessive oestrogen compared to testosterone. The actual cause of hormonal imbalances in men is unknown, but they are advised to watch their lifestyle habits

    1. Puberty

    Girls and boys go through this period and this is when some boys develop the breast tissue problem

    1. Aging

    This is automatic; men who are aging experience a decrease in testosterone production, which causes the breast tissue to develop rapidly.

    Indications of Gynaecomastia

    There is no immediate sign of this problem except watching your physical appearance over the time. The size varies in men and in some cases, a man may never be aware that he is a victim.

    In case of the boys, once he passes the puberty stage and there are breasts formed that means has gynaecomastia



    • Blood tests can be performed
    • Urine tests
    • Physical examination

    Treatment for Gynaecomastia

    Gynaecomastia treatment in India can be performed by using a surgery to remove the breast tissue from the man.

    Medications are also provided to correct the hormone imbalance in the body

    Treatment can work best when there is an early detection of this problem. Other solutions, especially the surgery require one to consult his doctor before having the surgery.

    A surgery is best when all other medications have failed, but in many cases, a breast reduction surgery must be performed when there is a medical reason.



    Gynaecomastia cost in India depends on the type of treatment that a patient wants to use.

    In the case of a surgery, a patient must be prepared to spend a minimum of 1800 dollars. It depends on the clinic, the surgeon and the size of the breasts. In some men, gynaecomastia may affect only one side while in others, it affects both the breasts.



    Gynaecomastia is commonly observed in all men and it goes away as time elapses. In men where the problem is persisting, it means that there are hormonal imbalances that have to be corrected. Babies are victims, though this is normal, boys from the age of seven to seventeen must watch their diet and lifestyle because it is not normal.


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